Innovating Amidst Economic Challenges

Medan, 21 October 2015: PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) and the newspaper Harian Bisnis Indonesia once again held the Entrepreneur Networking Forum. Themed “Innovating Amidst Economic Challenges”, the discussion was moderated by Arif Budisusilo – Editor-in-Chief of Harian Bisnis Indonesia, and featured Benny Judiarjo – Director of Ateja Group - along with Ongki Wanadjati Dana – Vice President Director of BTPN as guest speakers.

In his presentation, Benny – whose family has achieved great success in making Ateja Group an internationally recognized interior textiles manufacturer which exports to more than 68 countries across the globe - emphasized that innovation is the key to surviving and staying ahead in a challenging environment such as the present. The Ateja Group’s consistency in continuing to innovate has had particularly successful results. Its textile business, which focuses on the need for home furnishings, interior transportation, mattress ticking as well as contract fabrics, has managed to keep recording strong growth even in the midst of the current economic conditions.

"There is only one way to deal with a sluggish economy, and that is by continuing to innovate in a creative fashion. Without pursuing innovation, it is certainly very difficult to remain competitive and win the the public’s hearts," said Benny.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by Ongki. As a bank whose vision is to change the lives of millions of people in Indonesia, BTPN is also consistently innovating. One of its latest notable innovations has been the launch of BTPN Mitra Bisnis, a business unit specifically designed to serve the various needs of small and medium-scale entrepreneurs by offering reliable financial solutions, opening up access to more markets, and building the capacities of customers.

"We truly understand the severity of the challenges faced by small and medium-scale entrepreneurs. In light of this, we introduce BTPN Mitra Bisnis, which offers not only financial solution, but also commit to addressing the need for market access through informal supply chain and virtual market programs. Our services are also complemented by customer self-capacity building programs."

Ongki went on to express the hope that BTPN Mitra Bisnis will come to serve as a partner to small and medium-scale entrepreneurs in Indonesia, assisting them in an innovative manner to successfully develop their businesses.




An Overview of BTPN

BTPN is focused on serving and empowering the mass market segment, which is comprised of pensioners, micro, small & medium enterprise (MSME) entrepreneurs, as well as productive poor communities. This business focus is supported by BTPN’s four business units, namely BTPN Sinaya – its funding business unit, BTPN Purna Bakti – its business unit which focuses on serving pensioners, BTPN Mitra Usaha Rakyat – its business unit which focuses on serving micro & small enterprise entrepreneurs, and BTPN Mitra Bisnis – its business unit which focuses on serving small & medium enterprise entrepreneurs. In addition, BTPN has a subsidiary in the form of BTPN Syariah which focuses on serving customers from productive poor communities. Through the Daya program, a measured and sustainable mass market empowerment program, BTPN provides training and information on a regular basis to enhance the capacities of its customers, thereby offering them a chance to grow as well as opportunities to improve their lives.


Date Published: 21 October 2015