Event : Bank BTPN

21 June 2017

Selendang Mayang: Market Access for Thousands of Customer Products

Culinary enthusiasts may have heard of 'selendang mayang' (mayang scarf), a sweet and brightly-coloured traditional Betawi drink. However, selendang mayang has an even greater meaning for the people at PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN).


Selendang Mayang is also an event at which BTPN customers from all corners of the archipelago can showcase their works. Selendang Mayang was held at Menara BTPN in Jakarta on 12-13 June 2017 with the theme of ‘Taman Sari Pesona Kreasi Nasabah’ (Enchanted Garden of Customers' Creations).


The Selendang Mayang event is one of the ways for BTPN customers to apply what they have acquired from the Daya Program, a sustainable and measurable mass market empowerment program from BTPN. The event, which was held for the fourth time, also enables customers who own small and micro enterprises (SMEs) to reach a wider market.


“We have observed that Selendang Mayang participants are making efforts to innovate and create product variations that are welcomed in the market,” said Head of Daya BTPN, Andrie Darusman.


The innovations which SME entrepreneurs have come up with include making product packaging that matches market tastes, creating new brands, and providing product descriptions to make things easier for consumers. Then there is also a customer, who works as a weaver of handicrafts, who creates products made from synthetic fiber which previously relied soley on hard-to-find rattan.


Among the items that attracted a lot of attention from the visitors to Selendang Mayang were the pearl jewelry products made by Rini, a craftsperson from Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. She brought along 900 jewelry products with prices ranging from tens of thousands of rupiah to hundreds of million of rupiah. For Rini, who has been in the pearl business for 20 years, understanding trends and maintaining consumer trust are two very important things.


Participating in the Selendang Mayang event represents an opportunity for Rini to meet more potential customers. In doing this, she gets feedback about which products are liked and is able to answer questions from prospective customers in person.


This year, Selendang Mayang featured around 8,766 products consisting of various fabrics, foods and handicrafts which were produced by 52 customers and seven communities. Held over two days, Selendang Mayang managed to attract more than 2,100 visitors who contributed to a total transaction value in excess of Rp 358 million. 


"Since it first took place in 2013, the number of participants and products at Selendang Mayang has continued to rise. This shows that the works of our SME customers have a unique place in urban society,” explained BTPN Director Anika Faisal after the opening of Selendang Mayang, which was also attended by the Chief Commissioner of BTPN Mari Elka Pangestu.


The two-day Selendang Mayang event gave visitors the chance to buy a wide range of products from all over Indonesia, each with their own unique and distinctive characteristics. The products on offer at this event are becoming increasingly diverse and are also nicely designed and packaged to entice even more consumers.

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