23 August 2022

Jenius Invites Digital-Savvy Communities during 6th Anniversary to Celebrate #langkahkecilhariini

Jakarta, August 23, 2022 – Jenius from PT Bank BTPN Tbk celebrates its sixth  anniversary in August 2022. Jenius has continued to grow since its launch in 2016 with digital-savvy communities in Indonesia and continues its commitment to providing complete and relevant financial services through the co-creation and collaboration processes. In the spirit of the anniversary celebration, Jenius presents prizes and innovations for teman Jenius (friends of Jenius).


“We would like to express our gratitude for the trust and support that digital savvies have given to Jenius. During these six years of meaningful journey, more than 3.9 million digital-savvy community members in Indonesia have become Jenius users. On this sixth anniversary, Jenius would like to invite teman Jenius  (friends of Jenius) to celebrate #langkahkecilhariini (#smallstepstoday) with prizes and innovations that also come from co-creation and collaboration processes with teman Jenius (friends of Jenius)," said Bank BTPN Digital Banking Business Product Head Waasi B. Sumintardja.


Nearly 40,000 teman Jenius (friends of Jenius) have joined as co-creators at CoCreate.id and shared their feedbacks and ideas for the development of Jenius as a life finance solution in Indonesia since Jenius carried the spirit of co-creation from the beginning. Jenius has also carried out co-creation processes through more than 830 online surveys, focused group discussions (FGDs), and in-depth interviews involving more than 96,000 members of digital-savvy communities as respondents.


“During the six years of Jenius' journey, we have received many inspirational stories from teman Jenius  (friends of Jenius) about how Jenius can help them start #langkahkecilhariini (#smallstepstoday). These stories, ideas, and feedbacks inspire us to develop features that can help teman Jenius (friends of Jenius) manage their finances easier–from performing transactions, organizing savings, managing cash flow, traveling, or even investmenting–so they can achieve their dreams," added Waasi.


One of the teman Jenius  (friends of Jenius) members and a Creative Content Creator on YouTube and Instagram, Aulia Rizsa Wirizqi, also shared how Jenius helped him start his #langkahkecilhariini (#smallstepstoday). “Since I first found out about Jenius, I was instantly hooked on the features. Some of my favorites are Jenius Pay, Moneytory, and Dream Saver. When I shop online on an e-commerce platform, I usually use Jenius Pay as the payment method as it's very convenient–I just need to enter my $Cashtag on the payment page and confirm the transaction directly on the Jenius app. There’s no need to transfer fund or enter any debit/credit card information. Another feature that helps me on the daily basis is Moneytory, which monitors my expenses and helps me manage my finances more wisely. In addition, Dream Saver has helped me start my small steps and helps me be more consistent in saving money, until finally I reached one of my dreams to treat my extended family members a nice meal together. My wish for Jenius in this sixth anniversary is that it will always continue to present innovative features that can help teman Jenius (friends of Jenius) start #langkahkecilhariini," said Aulia, or populary known as Aulion.


On this sixth anniversary momentum, Jenius offers prizes through the 'PUNDI Jenius' and #FlexiRasaMaxi (#FeelMaxiinFlexi) programs. The #FlexiRasaMaxi (#FeelMaxiinFlexi) program is a savings program through the Flexi Saver feature in the Jenius application with rewards that users can choose from. Through the #FlexiRasaMaxi (#FeelMaxiinFlexi) program, users can receive their upfront savings interest in the form of gifts that they can choose according to the selected saving period—starting from up to Rp100 million in cashback, gold, gadgets/electronics of choice, to cars. The #FlexiRasaMaxi (#FeelMaxiinFlexi) program began on July 4 and will last till September  30, 2022.


Meanwhile, after receiving tons of positive feedbacks, Jenius has decided to roll out another round of 'PUNDI Jenius' for the third time. Jenius users now have the opportunity to win a total of 6,900,000 GarudaMiles for 115 winners as daily prizes and 20 units of Vespa LX 125 i-Get as the main prize by increasing the average balance every month and adding two types of "Booster" transactions to increase the chance of winning a prize. For the daily prize, each of two winners will get 60,000 GarudaMiles, which is equivalent to a round trip ticket from Jakarta to Bangkok. Teman Jenius  (friends of Jenius) may also choose flights to their desired destinations flexibly or upgrade from economy to business class using GarudaMiles. The third period of the 'PUNDI Jenius’ program was kicked off on June 1 and will end on September 30, 2022.


Under the spirit of the anniversary celebration, Jenius also presents innovations that can help users manage cash flow effectively. Jenius provides flexibility and choices in making payments. In addition to the currently available options, Jenius offers three more payment options in installments that can be adjusted to users’ needs and preferences. The three features include Flexi Cash, a flexible fund that can be processed and withdrawn digitally through the Jenius application with the offers of flexibility, from choosing the number of withdrawals to determining the installment tenor. Other features are Split Pay, Jenius' latest feature that helps users convert existing transactions into installments and makes it easier for users to manage their cash flow, and Jenius Pay installments that helps users shop online with options of installments.


Previously, Jenius users could choose three sources of funds when transacting using Jenius Pay, namely Active Balance, e-Card or x-Card. Now, users can also choose Flexi Cash as a source of funds when shopping on e-commerce platform using Jenius Pay. Further information on installment innovations from Jenius can be found here https://www.jenius.com/pages/inovasi-cicilan.


“The achievement over the past six years has inspired Jenius to continue to deliver financial service innovations. To further complement the choice of payment methods for digital-savvy communities, Jenius will also present Jenius Credit Card in the near future. It will be a solution to managing transaction flow in a simpler, smarter, and more digital way. We hope that the innovations that we’ve presented would help digital-savvy communities start and celebrate their #langkahkecilhariini (#smallstepstoday) towards a better life and financial achievements," concluded Waasi.


More about Jenius’ anniversary special promo, BirthYay, can be accessed through this page:



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