28 October 2022

Jenius Launches All-Digital Credit Card, All Can be Managed Directly from Application

Jakarta, October 28, 2022 - Jenius from Bank BTPN has launched the latest innovation–Jenius Visa Credit Card--a fully digital credit card that is easy to manage.  This innovation is presented to help digital-savvy communities to transact and manage cash flow.


The launch of the Jenius Credit Card Visa is part of the Jenius FuturEase Fest event. There is a lot of excitement in the Jenius FuturEase Fest event, not only introducing the Jenius Visa Credit Card, Jenius also held the annual Jenius Co.Creation Week 2022 co-creation event. This year, Jenius Co.Creation Week 2022 carries the theme "FuturEase" which consists of a series of events, such as competitions, conferences, talks, workshops and exhibitions in collaboration with Semasa. Various series of events are open to the public to get inspiration and shop for local brands that have been curated took place from Friday (28/10) to Sunday (30/10) at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.


During the launch of the Jenius Visa Credit Card at La Moda, Plaza Indonesia, Jenius offers three attractive card designs for the digital-savvy communities: Mystic Green, Rainforest, and Deep Ocean. Each card design is available on the Jenius application for selection according to users’ preference.


Bank BTPN Digital Banking Head Irwan S. Tisnabudi explained about the background of the launch of this latest innovation. “From the results of our co-creation process, we found some difficulties faced by digital-savvy communities in applying and managing credit cards. From the difficulty in applying because they have to come to the branch office and fill out the forms, to the difficulty in managing limit settings and additional cards, to the long process of blocking and unblocking the credit card. Therefore, as part of the Jenius FuturEase Fest event, we present the Jenius Visa Credit Card as a solution to these difficulties.”


The Jenius Visa Credit Card provides convenience for our users, enabling them to register and manage credit cards directly from the Jenius app, starting from the application and activation process, to easiness in setting limit allocations, in blocking and unblocking cards from the application, in applying for up to five additional credit cards, in changing transactions into installments with Split Pay, and in using an Automatic Payment option to pay monthly bills.


To apply for a Jenius Visa Credit Card, users can simply tap the Apply Now button on the Jenius Credit Card banner on the application home page, then fill in the required fields with their personal data. After the application is approved, users can activate the Jenius Visa Credit Card by tapping the Accept Offer button and then follow the process to completion. After that, the virtual credit card can automatically be used for online transactions while waiting for the physical card to arrive.


For first-time credit card users, the Jenius Visa Credit Card will help them manage cash flow better and make transactions easier at their various favorite merchants. Meanwhile, for existing credit card users, the Jenius Visa Credit Card will provide a new experience in managing credit cards simpler from the Jenius application.


Both of Teman Jenius and Jenius Brand Ambassadors, Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia, shared the convenience their experiences in using the Jenius Visa Credit Card. “The application process is very simple and easy. I don't have to come to the bank and fill out a lot of forms. The card registration and activation with simple steps can be done directly through the Jenius application without the need to fill in additional information, but only re-confirmation. The Jenius Visa Credit Card also make my transactions easier during my vacation in Germany, from car rental to daily transactions at various online and offline merchants. This latest feature from Jenius can be one of the tools to help Teman Jenius in managing their cash flow better," explained Sophia.


Meanwhile, Eva Celia, who also uses credit cards for daily transactions, admitted that using the Jenius Visa Credit Card is a new and different experience for her. “It's great that all of the credit card controls can be managed directly from the app. Starting from checking transaction history, monitoring remaining limits, blocking and unblocking cards, to converting transactions into installments, everything can be done without the need to make a phone to the call center or go to a branch office. In addition, the Jenius Visa Credit Card also provides superior security, as the confidential information such as CVV and expiry date can only be accessed through the application," said Eva.


Another example of convenience that users will obtain from the Jenius Visa Credit Card is that they can monitor, manage, and redeem Rewards Yay Points directly from the application. Users can also choose their Double Yay according to their preferences, and set wishlist rewards from the available catalog.


"We aim to help the digital-savvy communities through the convenience that we provide through the Jenius Visa Credit Card so they would #MelangkahMudah in achieving better cash flow and finances because everything can be managed and controlled directly through the application," concluded Irwan.


The Jenius Visa Credit Card also offers an attractive promo in the form of shopping voucher rewards at Plaza Indonesia, where users can get a voucher of Rp200 thousand with a minimum spend of Rp2 million. In addition, Jenius Visa Credit Card users can also enjoy special offers at La Moda, Grand Hyatt, Grand Café, atmos Indonesia, and the Premiere XXI.


In addition, users also have the opportunity to get a 50% discount for a maximum of Rp250 thousand with a minimum transaction of Rp500 thousand at various merchants in the Senopati area, Jakarta. Among them are Premium Backer, Beau Bakery, Little League, Yinyang Dimsum, Soul Food, Mifune, Shabu Ghin, Fedwell, GAËL, and Five Seconds Coffee.


Users can also enjoy 0% installments for a minimum transaction of Rp500 thousand from the Jenius application by converting transactions into installments using the Split Pay feature. This offer is valid until January 31, 2023. For users who like to shop online, they can also enjoy payment services with 0% installments for a minimum spend of Rp500 thousand with a maximum tenor of 12 months. This promo is valid at Tokopedia, Shopee, and Blibli. Terms and Conditions apply. Check out the full information on various attractive offers here.


Jenius Credit Card users can also enjoy various attractive offers, including a 50% discount at a maximum of Rp250,000 with a minimum transaction of Rp500,000 at various merchants. Among the merchants are Premium Backer, Beau Bakery, Little League, Yinyang Dimsum, Soul Food, Mifune, Shabu Ghin, Fedwell, GAËL, and Five Seconds Coffee. This promo is valid every day until November 30, 2022. The Jenius Credit Card also provides other attractive promos such as special prices for staying at hotels, watching movies, and shopping with intrest-free installments. For more information about Jenius Credit Card promotions, please visit this page.


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