09 May 2019

Jenius and BAZNAS Collaboration Presenting Digital Alms and Donation Services

Jakarta, May 9, 2019 – Jenius, the life finance solution for digital savvy has collaborated with the National Alms Agency (BAZNAS) to provide easiness for the customers to pay alms and donate. Through the Jenius application, the digital savvy will be able to pay alms and donate using the Paket Ramadan Bahagia/Happy Ramadan Package (PRB) during the holy fasting month.


“Today, BAZNAS and Jenius launched the easiness to pay alms using the Jenius application. Customers can pay alms and donate easier from their smartphones,” said BAZNAS President Director, Muhammad Arifin Purwakananta.


Arifin said that during the fasting month, the people’s willingness to help others has increased. Therefore, BAZNAS and Jenius work together to boost the service and easiness in donation. “The digital alms service provides simpler, saver, faster and more transparent, and enable us to respond and serve faster for zakat payers (muzaki) and recipients (mustahik),” he said.


Apart from introducing digital alms, the BAZNAS also launched the Paket Ramadan Bahagia/Happy Ramadan Package (PRB) donation program. PRB is a BAZNAS program to distribute basic food package to the recipients to help them perform their Ramadan and Idul Fitri rituals.


Irwan Sutjipto Tisnabudi, Head of Digital Banking Bank BTPN, explained that Jenius has conducted independent online research to digital savvy to know their financial behavior during Ramadan. “Based on the research, they (respondents) acknowledge that their spending increases by 5-20 percent during Ramadan, compared to other months,” he said.


Based on the independent online research to 360 digital savvy to find out their financial behavior during Ramadan last year, they said there was different spending allocation for different needs. A total of 84% digital savvy spent the money to break-the-fast gatherings, 81% digital savvy used it to pay alms, 71% digital savvy used it to buy takjil (breaking-of-the-fast snacks), 66% digital savvy used it to buy new clothes for Idul Fitri, 50% spent it for Ramadan sale and 49% digital savvy used it for mudik (homecoming).


The online research also found that parents were still the priority for someone during Ramadan, which accounted for 93%. It was followed by social foundations of 85%, siblings for 78% and the rest was for people around them; 54% for drivers, housemaids and others and 47% for friends.  


Jenius through its collaboration and cocreation has committed to provide life finance services which are simple, smart and save. Throughout Ramadan, Jenius has continued its #hari2jenius campaign with a theme of “hari-hari mudah berbagi” (easy days for sharing) to encourage people to financially managed their money well and easy so they could share their wealth and happiness with others. One of the ways is to pay the alms and to donate.


“Ramadan month is the moment to share good deeds. In accordance with Jenius spirit, which is to present simple, smart and save financial service, Jenius wants to provide digital savvy easiness in sharing good deeds according to the Jenius user inputs based on the research. In collaborating with BAZNAS, Jenius has provided the easiness to pay alms and to donate during Ramadan,” Irwan said.


To pay alms using Jenius application is very simple. Just log in in Jenius application, choose the Sent It feature, choose Bills – Charity & Donation – BAZNAS, choose the amount of the alms, choose Pay Now, then confirm by inputting the password and the alms is already paid.  


“BAZNAS has provided the easiness of the service to customers who want to fulfill their obligation during Ramadan.  We hope the collaboration with Jenius can increase the number of mustahik (recipients),” Arifin said.


There are also three ways of donating the Paket Ramadan Bahagia (PRB) through crowdfunding site First, after choosing the Donation button and entering the amount of the donation, customers can pay using the Jenius Visa debit card by choosing the credit card method, entering the 16-digit card number, card expiration date and the 3-digit CVV code. Second, by using the bank transfer method to the Yayasan Kita Bisa account from the Jenius account. Third, by paying using GO-PAY, which balance was topped up via e-Wallet Center.


“With the collaboration with BAZNAS, Jenius hopes to be able to present easiness for digital savvy in paying alms and donate through digital platform. We also hope we can encourage digital savvy in Indonesia to share their happiness by donating their money through the Paket Ramadan Bahagia (PRB) program,” Irwan concluded.




It is an alms management body which was founded by the government through the Presidential Decree (Kepres) No 8/2001. BAZNAS is tasked with collecting and distributing alms and donation in national level. The beginning of the Law No. 23/2011 on Alms Management has established the role of BAZNAS as an institution to manage alms in international level. BAZNAS has been established in 509 provinces, regencies and municipalities.


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