27 August 2019

Jenius celebrates its third anniversary with #temanjenius (Jenius friends)

Jakarta, Aug. 27, 2019 – In its third anniversary, Jenius as a life finance solution has received appreciation from digital savvy. It is reflected in the growing number of Jenius users, the increasing transaction volume and the enthusiasm of customers in their daily use of numerous features introduced by the PT Bank BTPN Tbk digital platform.


The number of Jenius users reached 1.6 million by the end of June 2019, a 130% increase from the same period last year (year on year), or grew by three times since being introduced for the first time in August 2016. Meanwhile, innovative features released in 2019 has earned positive responses from customers including Jenius Keyboard, Video Call KYY (know your customer), Choice of foreign currency balance and Flexi Cash.


“We are grateful for the trust and support from digital savvy in the past three years. This anniversary moment is also a boost for Jenius to keep creating innovation as life finance solution for customers in the future,” said Irwan S. Tisnabudi, Head of Digital Banking, Bank BTPN. 


As an appreciation to digital savvy, Jenius introduced a new program called #temanjenius. This program was materialized through collaboration with public figure and local illustrators and exciting activities with Jenius cocreators.


“The essence of #temanjenius is friendship based on understanding each other. Through this program we want to emphasize that Jenius will always be present in the lives of digital savvy, as well as friends accompanying others in meaningful moments,” Irwan said.


Aakar Abyasa, CEO & Founder Jouska Indonesia, one of #temanjenius who was present in the anniversary, positively assessed Jenius in positioning its customers. He said that a good relationship between customers and financial services was like a supportive and loyal friendship. “On one side, Jenius has tried hard and smart in creating feature or innovation which is relevant for our customers’ needs. On another side, customers can understand that every feature offered by Jenius could be maximized in fulfilling different needs in an easy and save way,” Aakar said.


The easiness in using Jenius was also felt by two #temanjenius namely travel blogger Alexander Thian and artist Artasya Sudirman. “I first knew Jenius from my friends’ recommendation. When I finally tried and used it, I really felt that Jenius was very simple and helpful, especially when I was traveling. The foreign currency feature makes it easier for me when I am overseas,” said Alexander, who is known in his social media account as @amrazing. 


Meanwhile, Artasya Sudirman (@myartasya) felt more disciplined in managing his finance so that she could realize her dreams. “My friends have recommended me [Jenius]. Finally, in 2017 I started to open an account. The features are easy to use starting from managing my spending with x-Card to saving for my dream and destination in the Dream Saver [feature],” Tasya said.


In the third Jenius anniversary celebration, new Jenius users got a surprise from a public figure. In mid August, they had verified the data through the KYC video call and had the opportunity to interact with actress Julie Estelle (@julstelle), social media influencer Alexander Thian (@amrazing) and TV host Rian Ibram (@rianibram). 


“The KYC video call is a new and easier way to verify personal data during the Jenius account activation. Therefore, digital savvy can activate Jenius account anywhere. Through this innovation, Jenius can reach out to its users across Indonesia. This also shows Jenius commitment in providing life finance solution which is smart, simple and save in Indonesia,” Irwan said.


Another fun thing is a Jenius collaboration with local illustrator Diela Maharanie (@dielamaharanie). Through this collaboration, Jenius introduced an anniversary-themed exclusive design in the Jenius booth, Moneymoji and exclusive merchandise. The exclusive design depicts the fun journey of Jenius in the past three years with #temanjenius. 


The anniversary festivity became perfect as cocreators joined in the celebration. During 2019, Jenius has staged over 100 offline activities, which were attended by more than 4,000 cocreators from cities of Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Medan and Makassar. Meanwhile, more than 8,000 cocreators have joined in the online platform and have shared on life finance topic. “Jenius is an enabler in the digital savvy life. The third anniversary only strengthens our commitment to provide life finance solution and help the lives of #temanjenius to be simpler, smarter and saver,” Irwan concluded.


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