24 September 2023

Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 Indonesia Held at Uptown Park Summarecon Mall Serpong, Celebrates Running Passion with Scientific Training

Tangerang, September 24, 2023 – Garmin, a leading smart wearable device brand, successfully held Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 Indonesia at Uptown Park – Summarecon Mall Serpong, Tangerang. The running event which carried the "From Zero to Hero" theme was attended by 5,000 participants of various ages who participated in the 5K, 10K to 21K and Kids Dash running categories.


Carrying a vision to unite all runners from various levels and ages in a running celebration, Garmin Run 2023 succeeded in gaining high enthusiasm from runners in Indonesia. This is proven by the Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 Indonesia tickets that were sold out within one month.


“Garmin would like to thank you for the extraordinary enthusiasm shown for Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 in Indonesia. The success of Garmin Run 2023 would not be possible without the support from running fans in the country. We hope to continue to inspire and support runners to conquer every challenge they face," said Scoppen Lin, Assistant General Manager, Garmin Asia.


Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 is an international running competition initiated by Garmin. Held in seven Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, the event is also a celebration of Foreruner 20th Anniversary. The total number of Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 participants reached 40,000.


Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 is an international running competition because it is participated by seven countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. In total, the number of participants in the Garmin Run 2023 Asia Series reached 40,000 participants.


The Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 Indonesia was also attended by several well-known sports enthusiasts in the country, such as dr. Tirta, Jauhari Johan, Emilia Nova, Sally Tanudjaja. They utilized features and technology owned by Garmin to take part in the Garmin Run. Starting from planning a training, how their training progresses, adapting their body to the series of training before the competition so that they successfully finished 33:45 minutes for the 10K category.


One of #TeamGarmin Indonesia who joined running and triathlon athletes, Jauhari Johan, said that "Using the Garmin Forerunner 965 is very helpful not only for running competitions, but also for monitoring fitness. I am really helped by scientifically based training for runners so that when I train in "GRC (Garmin Run Club), I can break my best record and avoid injury. In Garmin's science-based training, I utilize Running Science features such as HRV and Running Power to monitor my running progress before today's race."


Road to Garmin Run Asia Series 2023: Easy Run, Asia Virtual Run and Scientific Training Workshop


To help participants prepare for the Garmin Run 2023 race, Garmin held a series of Road to Garmin Run 2023 activities both online and offline in several cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang and Bandung.


It started from Easy Run, where running enthusiasts in Indonesia gathered and ran together as a warm-up for Garmin Run 2023. High enthusiasm was evident among participants in each city, with the largest crowd enlivening the Car Free Day event in Jakarta.


In addition, there was also the Garmin Asia Virtual Run 2023, which saw participation of Garmin users across Asia. In this online running event, Garmin provided a total prize pool of $85,000 and a chance to win an overseas trip to Taiwan.


Garmin also organized a series of workshops to help participants understand their sports performance through scientific data and gradually achieve their personal goals, such as workshops on the Heart-Rate feature for runners, and tips on preparing for a running race to successfully finish the race.


Winners of the Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 Indonesia


Recorded the fastest time in the number 21K, Westi Indah and Nurshodiq finished in 1:33:50 minutes and 1:11:34. In the 10K number, there were Novia Nur Nirwani in the women's category with a finishing time of 38:08 minutes and Rahmad Setiabudi in the men's category who finished in 33:38 minutes, while Yvonne Beti and Elisar Gamashi were champions in the 5K event with finishing times of 21:29 minutes and 16:17 minutes.


Not just a running race, Garmin through its official accounts @garminid and also provides information and tips on scientific training plans before the race. Such tips include the Race Predictor, a watch that predicts target time for 5K, 10K, 21K and marathon, and Training Plan to guide users in running, from interval run into long run and sprint depending on users’ health data. All this scientific training is aimed to finish strong and minimize injury.


“We are committed to providing smartwatches with insightful training features and metrics, and real-time feedback, so runners can push their limits and achieve their best. Together, we celebrate runners' indomitable spirit and inspire them to conquer new horizons, one step at a time," added Scoppen.


Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 in Indonesia was successfully held thanks to support from various parties including Jenius from Bank BTPN. Jenius believes that running and managing finances both require preparation.


Anita Ekasari, Digital Banking Acquisition, Service, and Marketing Head Bank BTPN said, “Jenius supports the Garmin Run Indonesia 2023 to encourage more digital-savvy communities in Indonesia to start their journey to achieve a healthier life, both physically and financially.”


To support and boost the excitement of the Garmin Run Indonesia 2023 event, Jenius presents the #laribarengjenius program that consist of fun runs, workshops and talk shows about preparation for running competitions. Jenius also gave special offers for Jenius users, such as purchasing Garmin Run Indonesia 2023 tickets and special discounts for purchasing Garmin products using Jenius for payment.


To add more excitement, during the two days of race pack collection on 22-23 September 2023, and on the day of the Garmin Run Indonesia 2023, 24 September 2023, Jenius is holding Jenius Auction, Jenius Cheering Zone, Jenius Running Experience Booth, and many more.


Providing the best for runners, Garmin Run Asia Series 2023 Indonesia is proud to announce a special collaboration with Allianz. This insurance includes fatality benefits due to event-related incidents of up to Rp50,000,000, inpatient benefits of up to Rp10,000,000, and outpatient benefits of up to Rp1,000,000.


Designed from the inside for life outside, Garmin products have revolutionized the lives of adventurers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Committed to developing products that enhance experiences and enrich lives, Garmin believes every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.

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