31 January 2024

Jenius Calls for 'Think Unthinkable', Inspiration to Live the Life We Want

'Think Unthinkable' showcases Jenius' spirit through more than 40 innovations and features in unthinkable ways, aimed at enhancing the lives of the digital savvy.


Jakarta, January 31, 2024 - Jenius from Bank BTPN emerges as a life finance solution to help and accompany the digital-savvy community in achieving a better life and financial well-being. For over seven years, Jenius has been steadfast in its commitment to cultivating fresh perspectives in managing finances and banking processes.


"Jenius acknowledges that in life, we often don’t realize that we are trapped in a systematic mindset that limits our potential. To encourage the digital-savvy community to break free from these patterns, Jenius champions the spirit of 'Think Unthinkable,' a philosophy ingrained since the inception of our life finance concept. The mindset to do something different and strive for continuous improvement is Jenius' bold commitment to delivering innovation,'' explained Irwan Tisnabudi, Digital Banking Head of Bank BTPN.


Embracing the ‘Think Unthinkable’ spirit, several Teman Jenius (friends of Jenius) shared their inspiring stories on what motivated them to do the unthinkable with Jenius. Meet Marvin Sulistio, a Traveler & Content Creator, who took a bold step after an eleven-year stint as a news anchor. "I chose to resign and embrace a full-time traveler's life. Despite the challenges and the uncertain monthly income, it turns out there is always a better way, and I can live the life I want."


In the same spirit, Puty Puar, Illustrator, and Founder of the “Buibu Baca Buku Club” shares her inspiring journey. "Daring to make unthinkable decisions begins with small steps that eventually lead to significant strides. As a Geology graduate with years of work in oil drilling sites, I slowly followed my heart, becoming an illustrator. The unthinkable journey didn't stop there; since 2018, I ventured into forming a reading community for mothers. Unexpectedly, since then Buibu Baca Buku Book Club is now an NGO contributing to climate literacy. With this experience, I believe there's no need to hesitate in living the life we desire," expressed Puty.


Last but not least, Maureen Hitipeuw, Founder of the “Single Moms Indonesia” community, shares her version of the Think Unthinkable experience, "After parting ways, I felt like I hit rock bottom in life. However, my family kept encouraging me to confront that fear and I decided to start something new. By establishing the Single Moms Indonesia community, I connected with many women who shared similar 

life experiences. In this community, we share experiences and empower each other to rise from sadness and strive for a better quality of life."


The Jenius Unthinkable Innovation


The unthinkable passion for creating a series of innovations began right from the inception of Jenius. Breaking free from the old banking mindset, Jenius presents an innovation that allows users to open an account directly from the app without the need to visit a branch office.


In its initial year, Jenius also introduced $Cashtag, revolutionizing transactions with a simpler, smarter, and safer approach. With $Cashtag, the digital-savvy can send money using names or aliases, eliminating the need to memorize lengthy account numbers.


Continuing its innovation streak, Jenius introduces the Foreign Currency feature, simplifying the buying, selling, receiving, and sending of foreign currencies. This feature has evolved with the support and input from Jenius co-creators, and now, nine foreign currencies are available on the Jenius application: USD, SGD, AUD, HKD, GBP, JPY, EUR, THB, and CNY.


Wrapping up 2023, Jenius Credit Card received a warm welcome from the digital-savvy community. Among the new innovative features is the ability to manage credit limits to suit customer needs. The latest innovation also enables Jenius users to redeem credit card points online and in real-time directly from the app, whether for travel needs or e-wallet balances.


"The Think Unthinkable spirit is a reflection of our journey over seven years as a life finance solution in Indonesia. It also embodies the Jenius commitment to innovate  and increasingly be  relevant to changes for the future of the digitally savvy," concluded Irwan.


Discover your version of Think Unthinkable with Jenius here.

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