27 September 2016


Manado, 27 September 2016 – Focused and consistent in serving lower-income communities, including pensioners and micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) entrepreneurs, PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) believes in the importance of enhancing the quality of service for its customers to maintain their hard-earned loyalty.


Efforts to boost the quality of service for customers are being undertaken by all of BTPN’s business units, including BTPN Purna Bakti which is dedicated to serve pensioners. Upgrading the quality of service for BTPN Purna Bakti customers is done, amongst other things, by expanding the number of pension fund payment points/channels, adding to the number of counters and increasing the number of cashiers.


As payment locations become ever more widespread, customers are expected to be able to access and cash their pension funds more easily. ”We really want to get closer to our customers. To this end, we continue to create additional channels and counters that provide pension payments,” said  Irradiate Pierenika, Regional Sales Head of Pension Business at BTPN. 


More than this, with more than 58 years of experience in serving pensioners, BTPN understands that pensioners not only require quick and simple financial services but also the means for living a healthy and productive life.


Through the Daya Program, a measured and sustainable empowerment program, BTPN sets up various training programs that suit the needs of customers. This empowerment program holds activities on a regular basis to enhance the capacities of its customers, so that they have a chance to grow as well as opportunities to improve their lives.


”Daya features the following three program pillars: Daya Sehat Sejahtera, which focuses on health, Daya Tumbuh Usaha, which focues on developing businesses, and Daya Tumbuh Komunitas, which focues on developing communities,” explained Irradiatie.


Daya is an integral part of BTPN’s vision and, as such, is applied in each of the BTPN business units. These are BTPN Sinaya - a funding business unit, BTPN Purna Bakti – a business unit which focuses on serving pensioners, BTPN Mitra Usaha Rakyat – a business unit which focuses on serving micro enterprises, and BTPN Mitra Bisnis – a business unit which focuses on serving small and medium enterprises. Daya is also implemented in the subsidiary BTPN Syariah which focuses on serving customers from productive poor communities.  


The training program that conducted by BTPN Purna Bakti today is Purnabakti Sehat dan Aktif (Healthy and Active Pensioner). This activity forms part of Daya Sehat Sejahtera. The program, which started in the morning, was filled with a wide range of activities such as communal exercise, health seminars and medical check-ups.


The occasion gave pensioners/retirees the chance to enjoy some time hanging out and socializing with their fellow customers. The pensioners were also able to perform a number of banking transactions including cash withdrawals and deposits.


“We consistently strive to treat BTPN Purna Bakti customers just as we would our own parents. In fact, we have set up this office so that it feels like a second home for them,” said Irradiatie in closing.

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PT Bank BTPN Tbk

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Bank BTPN in brief

PT Bank BTPN Tbk (Bank BTPN) is a foreign exchange bank and is a merger between PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) and PT Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia (SMBCI) in February 2019. Bank BTPN serves various segments in the banking industry, from retail to corporate customers, including retirees, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) and productive, pre-prosperous communities; the consuming class segment; and the corporate segment. Bank BTPN provides the services through business units, such as BTPN Sinaya—a business unit for wealth management, BTPN Purna Bakti—a business serving retirees, BTPN Micro Business—a business unit serving micro businesses, BTPN SME—a business serving small- and medium-sized enterprises, Jenius—a digital banking platform serving the consuming class segment, and the corporate business unit, which serves national, multinational, and Japanese companies. Bank BTPN also has a subsidiary, namely PT Bank BTPN Syariah Tbk, which focuses on serving customers from the mass market. Bank BTPN also regularly provides training sessions and information for customers through the Daya Program—a sustainable and measurable empowerment program—to improve customers’ capacity so they can grow and have a chance to live better.