27 August 2020

Jenius Continues Delivering Innovations based on Digital-Savvy Users’ Stories in Fourth Anniversary

Jakarta, 27 August, 2020 – Jenius, a provider of financials solutions for digital-savvy communities in Indonesia, celebrated its fourth anniversary in August 2020.


Jenius has since the beginning continued to listen to stories of digital-savvy communities, seek out their life and financial needs, and offer them solutions to make their life easier, by embracing the spirits of co-creation and collaboration.


More than 2.7 million people have been using Jenius, over Rp 10 trillion in third-party funds have been deposited in Jenius, and around 20 Jenius revolutionary innovations and features have been launched, thanks to stories from digital-savvy communities. Inspired by their stories and four years of accomplishments, Jenius brought up #ceritajenius in its fourth anniversary.


“Jenius—being a pioneer in digital banking in Indonesia—continues to grow and develop with digital-savvy communities that we call Jenius friends. We are grateful for their trust and support for the past four years. Stories from digital-savvy communities have inspired and encouraged us to deliver innovative solutions that enable them to manage their life and finances in simple, smart and secure ways,” said Irwan S. Tisnabudi, Head of Digital Banking at Bank BTPN.


Jenius considers co-creation and collaboration processes highly important. With that in mind, Jenius keeps growing and becomes more relevant to the needs of digital-savvy communities. 


There are now 19,000 digital-savvy users who have become part of the co.create community, and more than 1 million ideas have been shared to help develop Jenius’ features and services.


More than 40,000 digital-savvy Indonesians have shared their voices and stories through a number of channels, including, online surveys, focus group discussions, and in-depth interviews.


Joining the celebration of Jenius’ fourth anniversary was Fathia Izzati, a musician and content creator, who shared her personal experience using Jenius.


Her story began with the $Cashtag and Split Bill features that enabled her to transfer money easier. It has since become more convenient for her to utilize Jenius features whenever she needs to produce visual materials and subscription-based digital contents to support her professions, or when she makes online purchases using e-Card.


“Jenius features help me a lot and make my life so much easier. From transactions, to savings. Everything can be done in a simple way no one ever imagined before, because everything is accessible through one application. I could explore Japan and New York, thanks to Dream Saver. My travel was also hassle-free because of Jenius Visa Debit Card that had been equipped with Visa Contactless technology, and it could be linked to foreign-currency-denominated accounts of our choices. What’s more exciting is that we can monitor and control our financial transactions through the application,” she said.


Jenius has also been useful in helping her manage her finances during the pandemic, she said.


“I used to spend a lot on shopping or hanging out and drinking coffee at cafes before the pandemic. But I’ve now started to cut less important expenses, save more, and allocate emergency funds. The Save It feature in Jenius helps me much that now I can use Flexi Saver, Dream Saver, or even Maxi Saver to deposit my money,” said Fathia.


The celebration of Jenius’ fourth anniversary has become merrier, following the collaboration with local creative industry player Rakhmat Jasa Perkasa (@rakhmatjaka).


He produced a number of exclusively designed GIF stickers on Instagram, as well as exclusive merchandises that would be distributed to digital-savvy users through a series of exciting activities, to add to the festivity.


As part of its fourth anniversary, Jenius is also carrying out online classes, blog competition, online karaoke competition, BirthYay program, and other thrilling programs and activities.


Jenius just completed a competition on social media platforms, has published articles by guest writers on, and will give token of appreciation to Jenius friends on the National Customer Day on 4 September 2020 at all Jenius booths.


“We put you before money. This is the spirit that we have carried in developing Jenius for the past four years and will continue do so for years to come. Stories from digital-savvy communities will always be our driver in delivering innovations through co-creation and collaboration processes. Hopefully, Jenius will continue relevant and cater to the needs of its users by providing more comprehensive life and financial solutions,” said Irwan.



Information related to #ceritajenius programs is accessible on


Jenius prioritizes users’ safety and comfort by continuing to innovate and regularly educate digital-savvy communities. Jenius from Bank BTPN is registered and supervised by OJK and guaranteed by LPS. Further information about Jenius can be seen on If you have questions about Jenius, do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour customer service on Twitter: @jeniushelp, Call Center: 1500 365, and email: [email protected].

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