16 September 2020

Jenius for Business, A Reliable Partner for Simpler, Smarter and More Secure Business

Jakarta, 16 September 2020 – Jenius, a life finance solution for digital-savvy communities from Bank BTPN, introduces Jenius for Business.


Jenius for Business is both a partner and starter kit for digital-savvy people who want to start and develop a business, with two services on offer, namely Jenius Business Account and Bisniskit by Jenius.


Digital-savvy people can use Jenius for Business as a partner in managing business and its finances, while they maintain their focus on developing all business potentials to grow faster.


"Jenius continues to get ideas, inputs, and insights from digital-savvy people through co-creation processes. From this, we found that digital-savvy people aspire to start and develop even bigger businesses. Therefore, Jenius also provides digital-savvy people with solutions for businesses so they can easily manage their business affairs, in addition to personal needs,” said Waasi Sumintardja, Digital Banking Business Product Head of Bank BTPN.


"Through Jenius for Business, we hope to help digital-savvy communities to start and manage a business, especially in today's conditions. We are very open to ideas and inputs from them so that we can develop other innovative features that are relevant to the needs of business people in Indonesia," said Waasi.


Jenius Business Account is available in the Jenius app for any digital-savvy people to activate, without having to go to the bank, re-verify, and submit additional documents or requirements, or a minimum deposit. All three steps to activate a Jenius Business Account are done through the same application.


First, select the menu on the top left of the Jenius application and select “Business”. Second, choose to allow and activate the Business Account. Third, define a new $Cashtag for the Business Account. Password is the last thing needed to get the Jenius Business Account up and running.


The Jenius Business Account currently has features such as Send It, which makes it easy to send money, In & Out for users to record and browse transaction history, and m-Card, a virtual debit card for online transactions. Users also get $Cashtag, a new account number to send and receive money, and Jenius Contacts, which helps save phone numbers and e-mails for business purposes.


Jenius has also introduced Bisniskit by Jenius, a free supporting application presented by Jenius to help users operate their businesses simpler. Bisniskit by Jenius is equipped with two main menus, namely Store and Cashier.


The Store menu allows users to manage their business by using unique features, such as Dashboard that provides information and current conditions of their business or store; Products that records products, stocks and their inventories; Expenses that records, schedules, and views history of expenses; Customers that saves and views customer data; and Store Settings that manages stores and provides employees with access.


The Cashier menu, on the other hand, enables users to access a simple cashier machine to process transactions with four payment methods--cash, debit card, credit card, and transfer to a Jenius Business Account. This simple cashier machine can also be connected to a printer to print receipts, and can be used to send the receipts in a PDF format to customers via email and chat applications. This supporting application is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Playstore.


One of Indonesia's young entrepreneurs, Danny Aguswahyudi, owner of HoJiak Lai Lai (@holai.id), shared his experience using Jenius Business Accounts in running his business.


Danny launched a restaurant that serves Medan's typical Peranakan cuisine with up-to-date concepts in March 2020, based on his experience in the culinary world since 2014.


“HoJiak Lai Lai is a restaurant in West Jakarta that serves a set of Peranakan menus built on my childhood story when I grew up in Medan. This is not my first business. And based on past experience, I understand the importance of separating personal and business finances. For this reason, I welcomed Jenius Business Account that would serve as the right solution for young entrepreneurs like me. It is very easy to open a Jenius Business Account, and it helps me separate my personal finances from business coffer. Jenius for Business also makes it easier for me to record transactions simply through the In & Out feature, and to check business cash flows,” said Danny.


Fellysya Fabian, a fashion designer, chose to switch professions in the midst of a pandemic to earn additional income by returning to her culinary business that she started in 2016, namely Alegre's Kitchen (@alegreskitchen). For her, Bisniskit by Jenius helps her online culinary business stay afloat. “Alegre's Kitchen is inspired by my mother’s cooking that brings happiness to the family. So, I want to bring that happiness to others. Of course, I got help from Bisniskit by Jenius, which makes it easier for me to manage product stocks so that we no longer need to record everything manually. Also, we can send receipts using the Cashier menu in a more professional way, in a PDF format via email or chat applications to customers. I’ve also linked Bisniskit with the Jenius Business Account, so that every transaction that comes in can be immediately recorded and verified easier and quicker,” said Fellysya.


Jenius Business Account that is automatically available when one downloads the Jenius application makes it easier for digital-savvy people manage their business and personal accounts in one application. Meanwhile, Bisniskit is a supporting application that assists business owners with business operations, such as managing inventories, tracking business conditions, printing and sending receipts, as well as providing colleagues or employees with limited access to the Store and Cahier, through a smartphone.



Information related to Jenius for Business is accessible on click here


Jenius prioritizes users’ safety and comfort by continuing to innovate and regularly educate digital-savvy communities. Jenius from Bank BTPN is registered and supervised by OJK and guaranteed by LPS. Further information about Jenius can be seen on https://www.jenius.com/. If you have questions about Jenius, do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour customer service on Twitter: @jeniushelp, Call Center: 1500 365, and email: jenius-help@btpn.com.

For further information please contact:

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Andrie Darusman – Daya & Corporate Communications Head
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Email: andrie.darusman@btpn.com or corporate.communications@btpn.com


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