24 September 2020

Jenius and BNI TapCash Collaborate to Support NonCash Payment Movement in Indonesia

Jakarta, 24 September 2020 – Jenius, a life finance solution for digital-savvy communities from Bank BTPN, collaborates with PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI) to present BNI TapCash top-up services through Jenius application. The Indonesian digital savvy community can now use this service on an Android smartphone equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communication) feature.


The collaboration also introduces the BNI TapCash Jenius Edition Card with a unique Jenius design and characters.


“Jenius believes that collaboration with various parties is necessary to provide comprehensive and relevant financial services. On this occasion, Jenius collaborates with BNI TapCash to make it easier for users to perform non-cash transactions with electronic money. This collaboration also supports the non-cash payment movement promoted by the government and Bank Indonesia. The role of digital and non-cash payments becomes more important, especially in today’s era, to minimize physical contact when making a transaction,” said Irwan S. Tisnabudi, Head of Digital Banking at Bank BTPN.


There has been a change in the financial behavior of digital-savvy communities during the pandemic.


Five features that were most frequently used by Jenius users before the pandemic were Send It to other banks, Main Debit Card (m-card), e-Wallet Top Up, Flexi Saver, and Cash Withdrawal. The five most frequently used features have changed since the pandemic to Sent It to other banks, Main Debit Card (m-card), Flexi Saver, Top Up e-Wallet, and Send It to Jenius Accounts. This shows that users save more during the pandemic and turn to non-cash payment methods, taking advantage of methods to perform digital transactions.


BNI E-Banking Division Leader Sri Indira said, “We hope this collaboration will further complement the services received by the public, both BNI TapCash users, Jenius users, and those who have not used both. This collaboration will continue to develop along with the times technological developments and consumer demands and is expected to continue to increase the number of TapCash users, which as of August 2020 increased by 23% compared with a year ago. BNI TapCash Jenius Edition users can support the movement of non-cash payments by using it in every daily activity such as payment for rides on Commuterline, TransJakarta, MRT, LRT, Railink, Ferry, for an access to toll roads and for a parking space, to transactions at various BNI retail stores such as restaurants, cinemas, mini markets, and many more.”


Digital-savvy communities can top up their BNI TapCash card through the e-Wallet Center feature on the Jenius app. The first step is logg into the Jenius application, then select the e-Wallet Center, the select TapCash. Users need to activate NFC before tapping the BNI TapCash card on the smartphone (according to NFC location). Then select Top Up by entering the amount of money, select Continue, then select Top Up. The BNI TapCash balance will increase accordingly. Users can do top-up starting from Rp 10,000 to Rp 1,500,000.


The BNI TapCash Jenius Edition card is available at Jenius booths throughout Indonesia. More information about the Jenius booth location is available here.


One of the culinary communities in Jakarta, Dari Halte ke Halte, also enjoys the benefit of the BNI TapCash top-up service through the Jenius application. Prabowo, founder of Dari Halte to Halte, said the community share recommendations and guides on places to eat, drink coffee, and other places to hang out around bus stops and public transport transits on Instagram (@darihalte_kehalte) and Twitter (@drhaltekehalte).


"Electronic money is very useful for anyone who travels to every corner of Jakarta and its surroundings by using public transportation or on foot. We can make payments at various merchants easily and quickly. Now that Jenius and TapCash have collaborated, HalTeman (the name for DHKH followers) can easier top up BNI TapCash directly from their smartphones,” said Prabowo.


The BNI TapCash card can be used to make payments at various retail stores such as mini markets, restaurants, to pay for rides on Commuterline, TransJakarta, MRT, LRT, Railink, Ferry, to pay at toll road gates and to pay for parking spaces. Information about the BNI TapCash merchant list can be seen here.


"Hopefully, the collaboration between Jenius and BNI TapCash can be well received and help digital-savvy communities do non-cash transactions. We believe this collaboration would help build a better digital economy ecosystem in Indonesia," said Irwan.


Information about BNI TapCash top up services through the Jenius application can be accessed on: click here.


Jenius prioritizes users’ safety and comfort by continuing to innovate and regularly educate digital-savvy communities. Jenius from Bank BTPN is registered and supervised by OJK and guaranteed by LPS. Further information about Jenius can be seen on https://www.jenius.com/. If you have questions about Jenius, do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour customer service on Twitter: @jeniushelp, Call Center: 1500 365, and email: jenius-help@btpn.com.

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