27 April 2021

Jenius Supports Self-Development of Indonesian Women Through the Month of Women Program #LakukanDenganCaramu (#DoItYourWay)

Jakarta, 27 April 2021 – Jenius, a life finance solution from Bank BTPN for digital-savvy communities, launched the Month of Women Program. Inspired by International Women's Day and Kartini Day, Jenius is inviting Indonesian women to achieve their dreams and goals in life, career, business and finances.


Through this program, Jenius would like to pay tribute to every single Indonesian woman who has adapted to new ways of living and managing finances during the pandemic.


“Jenius believes that women have an important role in managing many things, including financial matters.  We hear inspirational stories about how they have achieved their dreams, managed their finances and adapted to current situations. Through the Month of Women program, we want to hear more of these inspirational stories as well as spread this spirit to more Indonesian women so that they can build a support system to continue growing together,” said Anita Ekasari, Digital Banking Acquisition, Service & Marketing Head at Bank BTPN, of the program.


According to a Jenius poll that involved 4,354 respondents, 93% of them said it is important for women to have their own income, while 94% said women could continue their careers and achieve their dreams after marriage.


The poll also reveals that main financial goals among women are that they want to own property (30%), to have financial freedom (26%), to prepare pension fund (18%), and to invest (17%), as well as to start a business and to continue their education. The latter two make up around 9%.


Around 60% of the respondents also agreed to the idea that women should manage family finances.


According to another Jenius study titled Adaptation to the Digital-Savvy Society that involved 278 female respondents aged 26-40 years old, the five most-searched topics during the pandemic were investment (26%), COVID-19 (22%), financial planning (12%), cooking (11%), and business (11%).  The respondents also said they have their own ways to adapting and staying happy during the pandemic. They are watching or looking for entertainment (18%), being grateful (16%), thinking positively (16%), pursuing hobbies (11%), and doing sports (9%). The three items most frequently purchased online during a pandemic were make up/skincare products (50%), fashion products (39%), and health products (26%).


"Based on the two surveys that we have conducted, we can say that digital-savvy women have a strong desire to achieve their goals, know their financial goals, have an important role in managing family finances, and want to continue to develop themselves after marriage. They also have their own ways to adapting and staying happy in the midst of a pandemic. For those reasons, Jenius wants to present various possible innovations to be used according to their life needs, or #LakukanDenganCaramu," said Anita.


Jenius friends, Maureen Hitipeuw, Founder of Single Moms Indonesia (@singlemomsindonesia), and Tiara, Founder Lenthick (@Lenthick), shared a glimpse of their inspirational stories about adapting to new situations during the pandemic.

The Single Moms Indonesia (SMI) community had had various routine programs in several cities before the pandemic, such as sharing sessions, talk shows, and basic training sessions, to help single mothers develop skills that they can utilize to make ends meet.  Maureen founded the community as a place for single mothers to share ways, stories and support one another.  The community, which was founded in 2014, now has more than 5,500 members across Indonesia and abroad.


"In the midst of the pandemic, we can reach more single mothers because all the programs are conducted online. Classes, talk shows, sharing sessions, and training sessions are all online. We’ve also launched a new program, SMI Kuliner, to help single mothers fund their (micro-, small-, and medium-sized) businesses, as well as to mentor and train them on how to develop their businesses," said Maureen.


Being a Jenius friend, Maureen also said of how Jenius helped her manage finances of the Single Moms Indonesia community. "All communications and programs are carried out online, requiring us have to subscribe to several digital platforms to stay connected to members.  The Jenius Visa Debit Card really helped us subscribe to these digital platforms simpler and safer.”


Another Jenius friend, Tiara said she started her self-care product business, Lenthick, in 2020 with the slogan "self love better", to encourage people to love themselves more in order to look better.


Tiara said she wants to caters to the needs of people who want to pamper themselves through Lenthick’s products, such as essential oils, aromatherapy candles, Lavandula Sleep Spray, and bath salts.  Tiara started her business by managing production to marketing herself, and she now has three employees.  According to Tiara, her business continues to grow due to the success of building a support system, among others, through the collaboration of Lenthick with Mad With Love (, which presents a special edition scented candle with the theme of self love. 


Tiara said Jenius for Business, which consists of Jenius business account and Bisniskit application, has become handy in managing her business’ finances. "The Jenius business account helps me separate my personal from business finances in one application. The account opening process is very simple and fast. As useful as it gets, the Bisniskit application also helps me record product inventory and purchases that come from outside e-commerce platforms, or from direct orders," said Tiara.


Bisniskit allows consumers to get their receipts as proof of transactions, and sellers to keep information about their sales. The application also records income that will be immediately saved into the Jenius business account, making it easier to manage business income and expenses.


“Stories of Maureen and Tiara are examples of how Indonesian women can find ways to make their dreams come true, adapt and have an impact to their surroundings.  Hopefully, through this Month of Women program, Jenius can help other Indonesian women find their way by inspiring and supporting each other," said Anita.


Digital-savvy communities can take part in a series of Month of Women events through Jenius Women Talks that presents a series of inspiring female figures. They will share their stories about ways to achieving their dreams and adapting during the pandemic. Jenius Women Talks consist of three topics: “How to Get Business Ideas” with Najla Bisyir (Founder Bittersweet by Najla) and Felysya Fabian (Co - Founder of Alegre's Kitchen) as speakers, “The Importance of a Financial Plan for  Woman” with Ghita Argasasmita (Director of Integrita Financial Planning) and Kadek Arini (Travel Blogger) as a speaker, and “Finding Yourself Potential in the World of Digital Work”, with Jenius female leaders as sources. Information and registration for Jenius Women Talks can be accessed via


Jenius also collaborates with other inspirational female figures through a series of articles on various topics that can be accessed at


Safety and comfort in using Jenius are our top priorities. For that, Jenius continues to innovate and educate digital-savvy communities regularly through and other official Jenius channels. Jenius from Bank BTPN is registered and supervised by OJK and guaranteed by LPS.  Further information about Jenius can be seen at If you have any questions regarding Jenius, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service on Twitter: @jeniushelp, Call Center: 1500 365, and email: [email protected].

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