13 July 2024

#LariBarengJenius Encourages Digital-Savvy Communities to Explore the Other Side of Running

Jakarta, July 13, 2024 - Jenius, as the life finance solution from Bank BTPN, reaffirms its commitment to supporting runners at every step of the way through the #LariBarengJenius program.


Embodying the spirit of Think Unthinkable, Jenius invites runners to achieve a healthy lifestyle by exploring the often-overlooked aspects of running to discover the "other side of running."


Febri Rusli, Digital Banking Product & Innovation Head at Bank BTPN, explained, "Jenius sees a parallel between marathon running and financial planning: both require consistent, gradual progress to reach the finish line."


"Running is more than just moving from point A to point B. It is also about an unthinkable journey of getting to know our bodies better through rest and recovery, enjoying the running process more mindfully, connecting with the community, and developing personal growth to achieve a better version of ourselves."


Running is often associated with speed in reaching the finish line. Through #LariBarengJenius, Jenius wants to share four important aspects besides physicality and speed:


1. Rest days are as important as race days!

It is crucial to remember that the body, especially the muscles that work hard during training, needs time to recover after race day. Rest is essential to maintain health and optimal performance for future workouts but also to prevent overtraining which can lead to injury and fatigue.


2. Mindful running to increase positive energy

Running is more than just physical strength and reaching the finish line. Jenius recognizes another side. The importance of mindful running, where every step, breath, and surrounding sights and sounds become an integral part of the experience. Mindful running helps us connect deeply with our minds and bodies. By focusing on our senses while running, we elevate our mood and are better equipped to face everyday challenges.


3. Joining a community to build connections

Running is also a great way to build friendships and network, both online and offline. Members of running communities can join Jenius Co.Create to be part of #LariBarengJenius, allowing runners to support and inspire each other. Co.Create is a platform from Jenius with over 47,000 members who share ideas, inspiration, and creativity for better financial services. To join Jenius Co.Create, Teman Jenius can visit the website


4. Running doesn't have to be expensive; preparation is key!

Runners should prepare a solid financial plan for various needs, such as sportswear, vitamins, and running gear. Jenius offers features that can easily and safely meet these needs, including Jenius Debit & Credit Cards, Flexi Saver, Jenius Pay, and QRIS scan on the Jenius app. For those marathons abroad, Jenius also provides a Foreign Currency feature, making international transactions seamless.


Teman Lari Jenius, Marrisa Widiyanti has experienced the benefits of Jenius' services firsthand. "For me, running is a commitment to finishing what I’ve started. It’s important for us to enjoy every stage, from registration, physical training, and race preparation to the run itself," said Marrisa.


"Jenius has been a great help in planning and managing my finances. When I ran the Melbourne Marathon, I used the Dream Saver feature to save regularly, ensuring I had the necessary funds."


Fulfill Your #LariBarengJenius Needs with Exciting Offers

Teman Jenius can take advantage of special offers through #LariBarengJenius for their running needs. Enjoy 0% installments for every purchase on e-commerce platforms, such as MAPCLUB, Tokopedia, Shopee, Urban Republic, and Garmin's official store using Jenius Credit Cards. Benefit from 0% installment promotions for every transaction on when booking accommodation or travel tickets. For nutritional needs, enjoy the Rp50,000 discount when shopping at Allofresh using Jenius Pay.

For further information please contact:


PT Bank BTPN Tbk
Andrie Darusman – Communications & Daya Head
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


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