25 September 2019

Why using GPN?

Debit and credit card users are familiar with the international payment logo on the lower right side of the cards such as Visa or Mastercard. Do you know that when doing cashless transaction overseas using international payment cards, the transactions are being processed overseas? Besides, each customer is charged for administration fee for between Rp 2,500 and Rp 8,500 per month. Now, the Indonesian government is setting up the National Payment Gateway (GPN) to push domestic cashless transactions. The GPN is a domestic payment system which is easy, safe and efficient.


The GPN can be used in the EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machines from different banks and has good security system because it is equipped with chip technology and standardized six-digit PIN. You can use GPN card without any minimum transaction and all your transactions in different merchants in Indonesia do not get additional charges. The merchant owners can also enjoy the increase of the use of potential transactions from attractive promotional discounts issued by the bank without the need to worry about the high MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) because Bank Indonesia has set a lower ceiling for GPN transactions than other payment gates.


You can enjoy the easiness in GPN services by opening Bank BTPN saving accounts or change your old BTPN debit card in all Bank BTPN branch office everywhere. For Jenius customers, you can request through the Jenius application. Show your nationalism by doing transactions using GPN debit cards!

For further information please contact:

PT Bank BTPN Tbk
Andrie Darusman – Daya & Corporate Communications Head
Telp: 021-30026200
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]