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Custody & Securities Services

Protect assets and increase peace of mind and focus on your investments through Bank BTPN's responsible and sustainable Custody & Securities Services

Bank BTPN Custody & Securities Services has received approval from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) on 7 May 2024 with No.KEP-31/PM.02/2024

Our main services:


  1. Securities Account Administration

  2. Securities Depository

  3. Securities Transaction Settlement

  4. Corporate Action Processing and Income Collection

  5. Confirmation and Reporting


  1. Fund Accounting 

  2. Transfer Agent 

Custody & Securities Services is a Custodian Service in the form of safekeeping of securities and other assets related to securities as well as other services, including receiving dividends, interest and other rights, completing securities transactions, and representing account holders who are Custodian Services customers



  1. Providing a sense of security for customers when depositing securities and completing securities transactions at the Custodian Bank

  2. Customers' rights as Securities Holders regarding their securities ownership are processed efficiently and effectively by the Custodian Bank

  3. Assist the Investment Manager in the administration of Mutual Fund management and other investment products for the benefit of investors

  4. The extensive Custodian Bank network really helps customers in completing transactions within and outside Indonesia

Bank BTPN Custodian Services consist of 2 main services, Fund Administration and Core Custody.


Fund Administration

1. Fund Accounting

Processing accounting for Mutual Funds, calculating Net Asset Value (NAV), reporting Mutual Fund activities, and monitoring Mutual Fund compliance


2. Transfer Agent

Processing Mutual Fund participation unit transactions such as subscription, redemption and switching, registration of Mutual Fund participation units and issuing confirmation of ownership of Mutual Fund participation units



Core Custody

1. Securities Account Administration

Opening, Closing, Blocking and Changing Accounts Securities and administer Securities Accounts on behalf of customers.


2. Securities Storage

Storing customer securities, such as Equity Securities (Shares, Preemptive Rights, Warrants), Debt Securities (Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Convertible Bonds, Medium Term Notes/MTN, Negotiated Certificate of Deposit/NCD and Mutual Fund KIK Participation Units)


3. Securities Transaction Settlement

Complete the settlement of securities or securities transactions such as:

  • Receive versus Payment: Settlement of a Securities Purchase Transaction accompanied by payment to the securities seller

  • Delivery versus Payment: Settlement of Securities Selling Transactions by receiving funds from the securities buyer

  • Completion of Securities Buy or Sell Transactions without involving payment


4.Processing Corporate Actions and Revenue Collection

Sending Corporate Action announcements to Customers at the first opportunity and sending notifications regarding the right to Corporate Action according to the schedule determined by the issuer


5. Confirmation and Reporting

Send confirmation of transaction completion




BTPN Bank may reject the customer's application if it does not meet the applicable requirements and regulations.


Customers must read this Custody Products and Services Information Summary carefully and have the right to ask bank employees about all matters related to this Custody Products and Services Information Summary so that customers can understand and comprehend the contents of the Custody Products and Services Information Summary, including benefits, risks, processes and fees attached to Custody Services.



This Summary of Product and Service Information is not part of the account opening application.


The information contained in this Product and Service Information Summary is valid until the latest changes to the Product and Service Information Summary regarding Custody & Securities Services

Brief Data, Requirements & Procedures:

  1. Customers are required to open a Securities Account with the Custodial Bank Bank BTPN and a Sub Securities Account (SRE) at KSEI

  2. The number of Fund and/or Securities accounts opened by customers is not limited

  3. Customers are required to comply with the custodial services agreement and comply with applicable laws and regulations

Custodian Service Fee:

  • The Custodian Service Fee charged to the Customer is calculated based on the amount of assets and types of investments safekeeped in the Custodian Service, including:

1. Core Custody related fees:

  • Safekeeping Fee

  • Transaction Settlement Fee

2. Fund Administration related fees:

  • Custody Fee


To get further information according to services, charges or submit feedback, please contact Custody & Securities Services Team at:


Telephone number  : 02130026200

Email address  : [email protected]

Fax Number  : 02130026101

Significant Impact

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