Agent Information

Be a BTPN Wow! Agent

BTPN Wow! Agents are business owners. The range includes grocery stores to other small home businesses. Some others are individuals with fixed income who has met the requirements to be Bank BTPN  representative. The Agents are BTPN Wow representatives provide  banking services to customers, to make banking services accesible to anyone. All banking transactions provided by Agents are done through mobile phone, simply by typing *365#, hence all BTPN Wow! Agents are required to have a mobile phone.


BTPN Wow! Agents services include the followings:

  1. Account opening
  2. Cash deposit service
  3. Cash withdrawal service
  4. Over the counter services (top up prepaid credit, top up data plan, top up e-wallet or bill payment)


Benefits to become a BTPN Wow! Agent :

  1. Additional income through agent’s commissions, which is generated from new account opening, customer cash deposit and withdrawals.
  2. Promo programs offered to agents.
  3. Agent training & certification including getting branding materials for the store/ business location.
  4. Improvement of own’s business profitability, as the more customers acquired, more profit is generated
  5. New business opportunities.


Distribution of BTPN Wow! Agents can be viewed by choosing region below:  


Interested in becoming an agent? It’s easy!

  1. Register your mobile phone number as your agent’s account number.
  2. Complete the registration to a nearby BTPN Wow! Agent or via email [email protected], BTPN Call 1500 300 and WA Agent Tanya BTPN Wow! 0878 22 247 365.
  3. Prepare all documents required: agent registration form, Letter of Business Domicile from local community principle/ Letter of recommendation from workplace, identity card and taxpayer identification number/ Statement letter not having taxpayer identification number.
  4. Wait for verification from BTPN.
  5. Upon verification pass, agent will have to sign a cooperation agreement.
  6. Once process is complete, registration is done and agent is ready.