Agent Information

Be a BTPN Wow! Agent.

BTPN Wow! Agent is the owner of a groceries store / small business / employee with monthly income who have met the requirements to be representative of BTPN in providing banking services to customer, so it become more accessible by anyone. Agents are only need to have a mobile phone, as all transactions are done via phone by typing * 365 #.

  1. Open an account
  2. Make a cash deposit
  3. Make a cash withdrawal

Benefits to become A BTPN Wow! agent

  1. Extra income from agent’s commissions which is generated form new account opening (Rp 3000), customer cash deposit and withdrawal. Agent will also earn commission when customer do balance topup, bill payment and making any purchase from their own mobile.
  2. Joining agent’s promotion program such as android device, qurban, top up balance and so on.
  3. Entitled for agent training & certification including getting branding materials for the store / business location ( sticker, poster, shop blind).
  4. Improved own’s business profitability, as more customers agent’s acquired, more profit an agent can generate.
  5. Opportunity to get bank loan