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20 May 2018

Program Daya Achieves Gold Award in the Global CSR Summit & Awards 2018

Program Daya from PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) won the Gold Award after submitting a study case on the Health Cadres Program in the 10th Annual Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Summit & Awards 2018.


The Global CSR Summit & Awards is an international level prestigious award in CSR. This program acknowledges and awards innovative companies for their products, services and programs which have a great impact for the public welfare.


Taking a theme of Rethinking CSR for the Next Decade, a total of 180 executives from multinational companies, environmentalists and NGOs from Asia Pacific attended the two-day conference in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, on 19 and 20 April 2018.


From more than 300 entries from different countries, around 40 companies won awards in 11 main categories. The 11 categories were Best Country Award, Empowerment of Women, Best Environmental Excellence, Excellence in Provision of Literacy & Education, Best Community Programme, Best Workplace Practices, Product Excellence, CSR Leadership, Best CEO, Best Corporate Communications & IR, and Best Governed & Most Transparent Company.


The Daya Program won an award in the Empowerment of Women category. In this category, the Health Cadres Program, which was managed by the Daya Sehat Sejahtera pillar, aimed at, among others, BTPN Syariah mass market female customers who were considered had raised awareness of the mass market customers’ health through the preventive promotion approach.


The health cadres are customers of BTPN and BTPN Syariah who had been selected and trained by medical doctors, psychologists and other medical experts. This program was a collaboration with the Grand Aides Foundation (GAF); Allianz Indonesia; Perhimpunan Dokter Umum Indonesia/Indonesia
General Practitioners Association (PDUI); School of Community Medical Science, School of Medicines, University of Indonesia (IKK); and the School of Psychology, University of Indonesia (FPsi UI)


Under the doctors’ supervision, the health cadres were tasked to educate and provide health services in nine cities across Java Island. They were tasked to provide health consultation and basic health check such as blood pressure as well as educating health to poor productive family community. The health education started from the benefit of healthy lifestyle, healthy food consumption, good sanitation, physical activities and the risk of breast cancer.


The Health Cadres Program has given positive impacts to women, especially mothers from the poor productive families, in breast cancer early detection through the SADARI (self-detection) so they can do early check by themselves and get help as soon as possible before they found out of having late stage breast cancer.


During 2016, there were 274,710 women who had received the breast cancer education through the Health Cadres program. Based on a survey, using the sampling method, on the impact of the education to the benefactors, 89.6 percent respondents knew about breast cancer, 86.7 percent understood the symptoms and 98.3 percent knew how to do the early detection and half of them did it on a regular basis.


Daya’s achievement in earning the Gold Award was recognition for the capacity improvement of the mass market customers. The achievement has been recognized internationally as well as a proof to BTPN’s commitment as the best mass market bank which makes the difference of the lives of millions of Indonesians.

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