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30 August 2023

Education Activities at SMKN 2 Karawang

This financial education activity was held at SMKN 2 Karawang on August 30 2023 and collaborated with PT OTO/ SOF. The theme was Gen Z Financial Literacy and was attended by 207 students. This financial education activity was carried out offline in the class of SMKN 2 Karawang and the MCs and facilitators/teachers were BTPN Bank employees.

The hope is that after participating in this financial education activity, participants will know what lifestyles of today's young generation are allowed and not allowed, participants will know the importance of managing finances and choosing the right financial products.

22 August 2023

Financial Education Activities at Wisudha Karya Kudus Vocational School

Bank BTPN also participates in increasing student financial literacy. This time the financial education activity in the form of a seminar was held at SMK Wisudha Karya Kudus, Central Java on August 22 2023 with the theme Financial Literacy of Gen Z. In collaboration with PT OTO/SOF there were around 256 students of SMK Wisudha Karya who took part in this activity. This financial education activity is carried out in a hybrid manner (offline and online) and the MCs and facilitators/teachers are BTPN Bank employees.

Not only seminars, after the financial education activities are completed, participants are also invited to take part in a competition to make videos and infographics with the theme "My Version of Managing Money" and of course the winner of the competition will receive an attractive prize from Bank BTP

9 December 2023

Financial Education Activities at SDN Pondok Betung 04 

This activity to increase financial literacy was carried out on December 9 2023 at SDN Pondok Betung 04 South Tangerang. The participants were 5th and 6th grade elementary school students and the teachers were the Alumni Community who received Bank BTPN scholarships & Communications & Daya interns (across generations). The theme for the teaching material is: The Fun of Saving to Make My Dreams Come True!. It is hoped that the activities carried out by the Alumni Community can increase the financial literacy of the participants (students). The participants were very enthusiastic when answering questions from the teacher and also during the guessing/playing session. This activity also received a positive response from Mr. Diding Sahroni, S.Pd as the School Principal. He was grateful for this financial literacy activity and hoped that this teaching community activity could be sustainable and carried out again in the future.





M. Faiz Zaydan (XI TKJ 1)

Participants in financial literacy activities at Nu Ma'arif Kudus Vocational School (July 2023)

"With this seminar, I can be wiser in managing my finances, especially as an overseas child from Samarinda who is usually confused at the end of the month. Maybe after this I can apply the knowledge I gained to my life."


Roynal Deddy Zulkarnain (XII TKR 4)

Participants in financial literacy activities at Nu Ma'arif Kudus Vocational School (July 2023)

“Thank you Bank BTPN. The Financial Seminar from Bank BTPN is quite good. Hopefully this seminar will continue. This seminar really helped me as well as managing finances and in the future I think this seminar is better held offline"

Zulfatul Lana (XI TKJ 1)

Participants in financial literacy activities at Nu Ma'arif Kudus Vocational School (July 2023)

"I am very happy and I have intended to take part because for me this is new knowledge and very useful for the future. I learned that there was a lot that I didn't know and I also became more motivated to invest money when I was working. I am increasingly fond of saving and can choose and differentiate between need and want. I didn't expect to get a prize, I was very happy. Thank You"

Muhammad Reza (X DKV 3)

 Participants in Financial Literacy Activities at Raden Umar Said Kudus Vocational School (July 2023)

"I understand better that even though we are still young, we can save at the bank. Saving at the bank is more economical and safe. You can also use your respective gadgets. By saving, you don't waste money on useless things."

Kayla (X PPLG 1)

Participants in Financial Literacy Activities at Raden Umar Said Kudus Vocational School (July 2023)

“I know and understand better that we (even though we are still teenagers) can save at the bank. Because the benefit of saving at the bank is that it makes us more economical, besides that it is safe and practical because we don't need to go to the bank (you can use your own gadget). I also understand better how to manage finances from now on. Hopefully I will be more able to manage my finances. By saving and buying what I need.”

Siti Ayunda Verawati (S1 Keperawatan)  

Participants in Financial Literacy Activities at ITIKES Cendekia Utama Kudus (September 2023)

"The seminar was informative, we as the younger generation really need to know about the benefits of saving at the bank. The speakers presented were also very inspiring so that the material presented was easy for the participants to understand.
Hopefully a seminar like this can be held again in the future by presenting other extraordinary speakers and I also hope that after attending the financial literacy seminar, I can manage or organize my finances well, by saving at the bank because it is very safe and practical"