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BTPN Syariah

BTPN Syariah, a 70% owned subsidiary of Bank BTPN is the 12th Syariah bank in Indonesia.

The bank operates based on the principal of financial inclusion by providing financial products and services to remote unbanked communities as well as the lower income segment of society. Aside from providing financial service access to these communities, through its Daya program, also provides financial education to promote a more sustainable livelihood and healthier community.

BTPN Syariah’s Vision, Mission and Values reflect the Bank’s direction in meeting its objective of developing millions of Indonesians. Its Vision to become the best Syariah Bank that promotes financial inclusion and, in so doing, make a change in the lives of millions. In line with this, is its Mission to work together to create growth opportunities and attain a more purposeful life. The Bank strives to achieve their above Vision and Mission by focusing on four key Values, which are professionalism, integrity, respect and teamwork.

BTPN Syariah was formed from the conversion of Semarang based, PT Bank Sahabat Purba Danarta (Bank Sahabat), into a Syariah Bank and then spinned-off BTPN’s Syariah Business Unit into this newly converted Syariah Bank.

Bank Sahabat was established back in 1991 as a non-foreign exchange licensed bank. Bank BTPN acquired a 70% stake in the Bank on 30 January 2014 and then made the conversion into a Syariah Bank based on the Financial Services Authority decision dated 22 May 2014, was established back in March 2008.

BTPN Syariah is a unique Syariah bank, which combines financial inclusion, women empowerment and Islamic banking in all its business activity.

BTPN Syariah raise Standard Governance Bank by doing Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 8 May 2018.

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