15 April 2021

Jenius Invites Digital Savvy to Adapt Better, #LakukanDenganCaramu (#DoItYourWay)

Jakarta,April 15th 2021 – Jenius, a life finance solution for digital savvy from Bank BTPN, launched the #LakukanDenganCaramu program. Through this program, Jenius appreciates the unique way people adapt to live life in a new way and manage their finances during this pandemic that has already happened more than a year.


Waasi B. Sumintardja, Digital Banking Business Product Head Bank BTPN, explained the background of the #Lakukan denganCaramu program. "For more than a year, we adapted by changing the way we do things.  Starting from how to work, study, socialize, enjoy entertainment, as well as how to manage finance. Jenius supports the digital savvy to continue to adapt and grow, through various innovations that can help users achieve their financial goals."


Based on the Jenius Study entitled Digital Savvy Community Adaptation During the Pandemic which involved 527 respondents, aged 26 - 40 years, it was revealed there are five ways they adapt to new circumstances and what makes them happy are positive thinking (17%), gratitude (14%), watching online contents (13%), playing games (10%), and hobbies (10%). They also have resolutions in 2021, which are maintaining mental health (58%), learning new skills (56%), starting or developing a business (51%), getting married (23%), and renovating or redecorating homes (23%). 


Based on the Jenius Study which surveyed 567 respondents aged 26-40 years to determine the financial condition of the digital savvy, it found that there were changes in the way of doing transactions. Before the pandemic, the use of mobile/digital banking was 71% and ATM was 45%, however during the pandemic there was an increase in mobile/digital banking to 83% and a decrease in ATMs to 34%. The digital savvy also admitted to delay or cancel their plans (82%), including holidays (85%), investing (26%), buying property (21%), buying vehicles (16%), and continuing education (15%). They also stated that they chose to change the funds allocation they had prepared for their personal plans into savings (38%), investment (24%), daily necessities (14%), deposits (9%), and health products (3%).  Their financial goals in 2021 are a stable financial condition (80%), able to save more (68%), invest (54%), prepare an emergency fund (44%), and own assets (44%).


"Jenius continues to be present for its users amid the pandemic that is changing our lives very quickly. Through a series of innovative features and regular classes that we conduct through the Jenius Co.Create platform, Jenius believes that collaboration with the digital savvy is the most suitable way to continue to adapt and grow together in the midst of these challenging conditions," explained Waasi.


The #LakukanDenganCaramu program has three pillars, which are #adajenius, #carajenius, and #barengjenius. Through #adajenius, Jenius introduces a wide selection of features that can support users in facing a life that is constantly changing and unpredictable. These features are there to suit their needs and can be used in their own way. For example, to help users make safer non-cash transactions, #adajenius with Jenius QR and Jenius Pay. 


Through the #carajenius pillar, Jenius appreciates the difference in the way every Jenius user lives and uses Jenius features to manage finances. Jenius understands that everyone has different ways of managing finances. For personal needs, they have their own way of exploring the features in Jenius according to their financial condition. In addition, there are also users who take advantage of business accounts to support their business during a pandemic.


Jenius aims to accompany every step of the digital savvy to grow together to create a more complete life finance solution. Therefore, through #barengjenius, Jenius invites users to learn new things together, adapt, innovate, create, and share solutions through Jenius Co.Create.  Various classes & workshops on various topics on finance, technology, and creativity can be followed through https://www.cocreate.id/. 


"In accordance with the spirit of co-creation and collaboration that we have carried out from the start, we have listened to and received many inspirational stories from Jenius friends about how they have adapted. Through the #LakukanDenganCaramu program, we want to reach out more digital savvy to grow together and inspire each other in the current conditions, "concluded Waasi. 


Information about the #LakukanDenganCaramu program can be accessed in: www.jenius.com/lakukandengancaramu.


Safety and comfort in using Jenius are our top priorities. For that, Jenius continues to innovate and educate digital savvy regularly through www.jenius.com/pages/jeniusaman and other official Jenius channels. Jenius from Bank BTPN is registered and supervised by OJK and guaranteed by LPS.  Further information about Jenius can be seen at https://www.jenius.com/. If you have any questions regarding Jenius, please don't hesitate to contact our 24-hour Customer Service on Twitter: @jeniushelp, Call Center: 1500 365, and email: jenius-help@btpn.com.

For further information please contact:

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