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6 Personal Data You Shouldn't Share Anywhere

The development of digitalization in the financial industry has many benefits for us. Apart from making transactions easier, we also have more efficient and practical access to managing finances. Now we can pay for food, shop, transfer money directly from the smartphone in hand. Digital developments make our lives easier and simpler. However, on the other hand, the development of digitalization also has risks. For example, risks related to personal data. Data Pribadi Apa Saja yang Perlu Dijaga?

What is Redenomination? Here are Some Things You Need to Know

After rising and falling several times, recently the discourse of the Ministry of Finance and Bank Indonesia regarding the redenomination of the rupiah has returned to discussion. What is meant by redenomination? If it is implemented later, what impact will it have on society? Is it beneficial or detrimental to the national economy? Come on, let's discuss it together click here.

IDebKu? These are The Benefits for Prospective Loan Debtors 

If you want to apply for a loan from a bank or other official financial institution, you must meet several conditions. One of them, you have a good credit history. Where can you or the bank find out credit history? In the past, credit history could be checked via BI Checking, currently it can be checked via the Financial Information Service System (SLIK)/SLIK Checking. Let's read the review click here.

Be careful, this is the impact if you don't pay off your pay later

As is known, the existence of Paylater makes it possible for everyone to now buy goods in installments. But what will be the impact if the payment is not paid immediately? Yuk ketahui, ini dampak jika tak lunasi Paylater!

Modes of Financial Cybercrime that You Should Be Aware of

Even though cyber attacks are widespread, many of us are not yet aware of the mode of cyber crime or are alert to cyber crime in this digital world! Mau tahu kejahatan siber apa saja yang sering terjadi serta modus kejahatan yang perlu Anda waspadai?

The Difference between Paylater and Pinjol

Currently, pinjol (online loans) and paylater are commonly used by the public as payment methods. In line with high needs and desires, these two payment methods have become the fastest alternative for payment. Apart from being practical, these two payment methods are very helpful if we don't have enough money to pay. At first glance, paylater and pinjol are similar, but it turns out they are different. You can check here for further information.

When is the Right Time to Prepare Retirement Funds, and How?

Preparing retirement funds well is very important, to ensure that we are financially independent and live prosperously in old age. The problem is, not everyone knows when they should prepare retirement funds. Therefore, this topic often becomes an interesting discussion in financial seminars or discussions.  Jadi, kapan waktu yang tepat untuk mempersiapkan dana pensiun?

Safer Credit with Credit Insurance

Can credit be insured? Of course. This type of insurance can help protect you as the party borrowing the credit, and the bank as the party providing the credit, if you as the debtor are unable to repay the loan. Credit insurance has an important role because it provides benefits in the form of coverage such as repayment of debt or credit for the risk of default experienced by customers. Apa saja manfaatnya?



Benefits of Saving at the Bank

There are many benefits to saving at the bank, apart from being safer and more practical, one of which is that it can build your financial future. This can be started by opening an account at the bank.

The following are the benefits and things you need to prepare as well as the stages in opening an account at the bank Watch the following video for more information. Happy Saving!