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Make Your Life More Meaningful

Every Indonesian dreams of living a productive and meaningful life.

We at Bank BTPN will help to make your dream comes true.



Bank BTPN for Indonesia

Bank BTPN kini lebih besar dan kuat untuk melayani segmen nasabah yang luas, dari retail sampai korporasi. Lebih terpadu dengan jaringan layanan di seluruh Indonesia yang didukung inovasi dengan teknologi terdepan. Kami siap memberdayakan jutaan rakyat untuk membangun hidup #LebihBerarti dan memberikan #MaknaLebih bagi perekonomian bangsa.


Empowering You to Do More


We provide our customers with opportunities to grow by improving their capacity to expand their businesses as well as achieving a healthier and more properous life. We believe we can make a change not only for our customers but also for millions of Indonesians.

Significant Impact

Our empowerment program is an integrated element to our business model. We will always try to create opportunities for all BTPN customers to grow and make a more meaningful life through our products and activities.

Erna Zurnimawati

"While being a customer of Bank BTPN, I have been guided by the Daya team, starting from exhibitions, coaching, and many online and offline training sessions. I have also received orders from Bank BTPN itself"

Siti Rochanah

"I am able to manage my business finances and its online store as taught by Daya, and am often invited to participate in various exhibitions. The pinnacle of my achievement was being introduced to President Joko Widodo at an exhibition held by Bank BTPN, and my product, Iwaknyuzz, received an appreciation from him"

Adam Abdullah

"Through the Daya program, we also received capital support that helped us increase production capacity even further, through an easy and non-burdensome capital scheme. This business easily obtains adequate and measurable capital according to the capacity and ability of the business. We are grateful that WGB is now a market leader in the plus-size men's retail clothing business"

Agnes Sukenty Niken

“After receiving personalized coaching for 6 months from Daya Bank BTPN, starting from creating a business plan, ensuring the supply chain of raw materials, and scaling up the business itself. It turns out that running this business involves so many things that I had not previously thought. As of now, Ing Pawon's products are available in various modern retail outlets from Papua to Sumatra ”