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Bank BTPN has deep expertise in delivering and executing trade finance deals and services across the world through our global network. With a specialisation in bespoke financing structures, our experienced professionals help our clients achieve their liquidity needs, mitigate risk and meet financial goals.

At Bank BTPN, we are continuously creating new and innovative ways to serve our clients.

Trade Finance

Take advantage of our trade finance solutions to better manage your working capital. With our international expertise, we tailor our solutions based on your business needs.


  • Trust Receipt Loan

Use your Import LC to leverage your working capital with our short-term financing to pay off your import obligation.


  • Export Bills Negotiation / Discounting

Improve your cash flow when we discount your export bills under LC or Documentary Collection at pre or post-acceptance.


  • Forfaiting LC/SKBDN

Improve your cash flow and eliminate payment risks when we discount your LC/SKBDN without recourse.


  • Account Receivable & Payable Financing

Improve your cash flow by letting us finance your payables or purchases your invoices with/without recourse.


Trade Service

Gain control over your trades with our import and export trade services to manage your risks in international trades.


  • Bank Guarantee

A guarantee issued by the Bank (Guarantor) on the request of the customer (Guaranteed) to guarantee the beneficiary. Give your counterparty the assurance needed with our Standby Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantee.


  • LC Issuance (Sight, Usance, UPAS/UPAU)

An unconditional undertaking given by a Bank at the request of a seller or buyer to ensure payment and delivery of goods comply with stipulated document(s)


  • Export Confirmation

Hedge your risks on export proceeds by letting us confirm your export LCs and get paid upon maturity.


  • Shipping Guarantee

Collect your goods before the Bill of Lading arrived using our Shipping Guarantee for your agent or shipping company.


  • Import Documentary Collection

Save time and cost when you collect your import document held by the bank against payment or acceptance to obtain imported goods at the port of discharge.


  • Export Documentary Collection

Assure your export proceeds or acceptance by letting the bank convey your export document(s) and get paid by importer upon the release of the document(s).

Trade Finance Forms

Irrevocable Letter of Credit Issuance Application

Application of LC/SKBDN Amendment

Application for Export Bills (Under Letter of Credit)

Application for Purchase or Collection of Export Bills (Without Letter of Credit)

Application for Transfer of Letter of Credit

Application for Collection Cheque in Foreign Currency

Agreement for Shipping Guarantee

Application  of Bank Guarantee

Application  of Avalization

Bill of Exchange

Risk assessment in international trade plays an important role before deciding method(s) of payment to be used for the settlement between buyer and seller. All parties involved may encounter the following risks:

  1. Country Risk, includes stability of political system and financial factor include the financial standing of the country, economic policy, etc.
  2. Foreign Exchange Risk, in international trade, the longer the period of time took the higher risk towards foreign exchange. Once the exchange rate of settlement currency increases, the buyer (importer) has to pay more than the projected or anticipated amount.
  3. Issuing Bank Risk, the risk when the Issuing Bank fail to settle its liabilities for the LC or Guarantee issued.
  4. Buyer’s Insolvency Risk, for non-LC or Guarantee, the seller (exporter) is exposed to an insolvency risk where the buyer (importer) failed to pay the goods shipped.
  5. Seller’s Performance Risk, seller (exporter) failed to provide the goods as per contract between buyer (importer) and the seller (exporter).
  6. Documentation Risk, the bank will only deal with the document, the bank will not be liable for any failure in fulfilling documentation requirements or condition of the goods.

For further inquiries and details, please contact your Relationship Manager (RM) or our TBSD staff(s). We will be glad to support and assist you.

Significant Impact

Our empowerment program is an integrated element to our business model. We will always try to create opportunities for all BTPN customers to grow and make a more meaningful life through our products and activities.


BTPN Mataram Customer

“Since the 1990s, I have been developing, accommodating and selling the handiwork of weavers. Unfortunately, the business was not going anywhere. After my retirement, I was determined to develop this business further. Now, together with the BTPN Purna Bakti, my business has grown and I have my own gallery.”

Cecep Solihin

BTPN Bogor Customer

“My business has grown significantly after three years of becoming a BTPN customer. Especially with the trainings I received from BTPN, now I understand about bookkeeping and business management. There, I also learnt about online business.”

Rudy Chandra

BTPN Pecenongan Customer

"Small to medium retail printing is a capital heavy business, but what we sell is largely service-unlike the large scale printing companies. Not many banks are willing to look past the surface and understand the type of business that I have built and run since 8 years ago. With the Bank’s support and assistance over the past 2 years, my business continues to grow together with BTPN Mitra Bisnis."