The key to the success for a financial institution like Bank BTPN is in the trust of the stakeholders. For this reason, Bank BTPN prioritizes a transparent and integrity governance to build a sustainable company


Bank BTPN Operations

Energy Consumption & Emission

Even though Banking is not directly related to the environment, its influence cannot be ruled out. Bank BTPN continues to strive to make an effort to prioritize environmental aspects in operations.

Bank BTPN's efforts to protect the environment started with establishing policies to save energy, monitoring energy usage both at the head office and branch offices which ultimately reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions that triggered global warming.

In 2022, Bank BTPN managed to reduce emissions by 5% from the previous year

Source : Sustainability Report 2022


In addition, Bank BTPN also develops integrity and transparency culture, which reflected through the process in selecting supply chain and implement anti fraud system.

Procurement of Goods & Services











The supply chain is an integral part of the Bank's operations. Bank BTPN has policies and procedures for supply chain selection to ensure a fair and transparent process for all parties.

Bank BTPN also manages the track record of suppliers through the e-procurement system so that the procurement process can be carried out more effectively and efficiently.

Bank BTPN has also ensured that:

  • Every supplier that cooperates with Bank BTPN is required to respect Human Rights.

  • Bank BTPN prioritizes the fulfillment of goods and services from the provinces where Bank BTPN operates to support the local economy and increase efficiency.

Anti Fraud

Bank BTPN implements a whistleblowing system, such as reporting suspected fraud or ethical violations committed by the Bank's internal parties that can be reported by internal and external parties of the Bank.

Reporting media in the form of e-mail, WhatsApp, hotline, letters and face to face. Reporting is confidential, systematic and simple so that all levels of employees, the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners can report suspected violations. Reports that have valid initial evidence will be followed up with investigations and processed according to applicable regulations.

Bank BTPN also regularly conducts outreach and education regarding whistleblowing, as an effort to raise awareness regarding the prevention of fraud and other violations for employees.