Cash Management : Bank BTPN

Cash Management

At Bank BTPN, we prefer to listen in order to understand your requirements and challenges in managing your cash flow. Then, we tailor the solutions that would suits you best. Our Cash Management Services focus in bringing efficiency and efficacy to your business operation to further optimize your cash flow position.

Internet Banking Services 

SMAR&TS – (Sumitomo Mitsui Advanced Report & Transfer Services) provides internet banking services with high level of security and comprehensive features:


  • Bank Report Service

Achieve total visibility of account balances, statement details, maturity information and forex contract details.


  • Fund Transfer

Engage multi-purpose of payment electronically via our Internet Banking to support your domestic and overseas transaction needs.


  • Payroll

Provide secure and convenient way of salary payment using single or batch method.


  • e-Tax Service

Our Straight-Through-Processing (STP) and direct connectivity with MPN Gen 2 delivers a speedy way of Tax Payment and efficient reporting to State Tax Office simply by downloading your Tax Receipt from our systems.


  • e-Trade Service

Issue your Import LC and necessary Amendment to the bank using our e-Trade system and monitor your trade transactions conveniently.


  • Email Notification (e-Advice)

Automatic notification for you and your counterpart via e-mail regarding your inward and outward transactions.


  • e-Statement

Download, print or save your monthly Account Statement electronically via our Internet Banking and ease your document keeping.


  • e-Treasury Report Service

Download, print or save your monthly Forex report electronically via our Internet Banking and obtain Marked-to-Market information on your Forex transaction(s).


  • e-Document

Upload and send your supplementary or underlying document(s) using our e-Document feature and enjoy paperless routines.


  • Interface

Avoid double-input and save time when creating your payment using our template and converter tool.


  • Host-to-Host Service

Leverage our Host-to-Host Service to connect seamlessly with direct connectivity to the bank as transactional delivery channel with highly secured network.


  • File Inbox

Reporting to State Tax Office is much easier with our File Inbox feature as it allows you to download, save and print Bukti Penerimaan Negara (BPN) or Tax Receipt electronically.


  • Pooling

Strengthen control and monitoring towards your group company’s cash pooling turnover systematically as this feature will not only gather and summarize your group's day-to-day lending and borrowing activities but also calculates the interest amount and necessary withholding taxes.


Liquidity management services

Understanding key challenges you face in collecting receivables, gaining control of account visibility and investing funds, our liquidity management solution addresses those challenges to meet the objective of optimizing your working capital :


  • Perfect Reconciliation

Ease your A/R reconciliation process and identify inward collection with the support of our Virtual Account numbers to achieve seamless operation and reduce time consumption.


  • Giro Collection Services

Avoid making unnecessary journeys to the bank as our professional courier service will pick up your cheques on a scheduled basis to be processed on its due.


  • Giro Depository Services

Minimize hassle of maintaining abundant of cheques as our custodian unit can accept and safe keep your long-maturity cheques to be processed on its due.


  • Cash Delivery Service

Avoid making risky journey to the bank to withdraw cash as we provide secure and professional cash courier service to deliver cash directly to your designated place on a scheduled basis.


  • Cross-border Pooling

Oversee and control group accounts comprehensively across different countries as well as enhancing returns and liquidity support among group companies.


  • Domestic Cash Pooling

Oversee and control group accounts comprehensively within the country as well as enhancing returns and liquidity support among group companies.


  • Interbank Collection

Ease your A/R reconciliation process by identifying inward collection with BCA’s Virtual Account. This service enables your consumers, agents, distributors, etc. to pay you via BCA wide branch-network and e-channels, where then your funds will automatically be wired to your account at BTPN WHOLESALE. Collection report is also provided electronically and can be downloaded, print or save in a timely manner via our Internet Banking system.


  • Advance RTE Information Service (aRTEis)

Enjoy our automatic RTE notification directly to your email. This service helps you to prepare necessary report on your export-proceed and comply with Regulator’s Policy.

Internet Banking Services :


Our Internet Banking is named Sumitomo Mitsui Advance Report and Transfer Services (SMAR&TS). It is an online platform and accessible at any time and anyplace subject to internet connectivity. It operates under Japan meantime (GMT+9) or Jakarta Time +2hrs.


  1. Kindly be mindful of some requirements before applying our Internet Banking, such as; system requirements, necessary documents, compliance aspects, etc. Please give us a call and our TBSD staff(s) would be delightful to explain the details.
  2. Risk associated with Internet Banking:
  1. Risk of fraudulent/phishing , an attempt to obtain financial or sensitive information such as User ID, names, address, password, etc. for a malevolent purpose(s) by disguising as a trustworthy entity or linkage in an electronic communication.
  2. Risk of misusage, a malicious act, usually by an acquaintance, accessing the system using stolen User ID, name, and password for a malevolent purpose(s).
  3. Risk of system failure, an event of system malfunction caused by software or hardware operating failure which may impact to clients’ transaction, information delay or execution failure.

Liquidity management services :


Bank BTPN assures you that each associated Third Party or Vendor has gone through several layers of our internal assessment procedures to provide secure and best service practice.

Risk associated with Liquidity Management Services:

  1. Risk related to Third Party, an unfavorable condition caused by a third party or vendor incorporation with the service, who failed to execute the service properly. Related service: GC, CD, IC
  2. Risk of miscommunication/misinformation, failure to provide accurate data or information related to the service rendered. Related service: Giro Collection, Giro Depository, Cash Delivery, Interbank Collection.
  3. Risk of system failure, an event of system malfunction caused by software or hardware operating failure which may impact to clients’ transaction, information delay or execution failure. Related service: Perfect Reconciliation, Cross-Border Pooling, Domestic Cash Pooling, aRTEis.
  4. Risk related to compliance, failure to comply with the laws and regulation, policies and procedures, which may result in legal penalties and material losses. Related service: Giro Depository, Cross-Border Pooling, Domestic Cash Pooling.

Internet Banking Services :

  1. Customer is required to have an Account at BTPN WHOLESALE. Please contact your Relationship Manager (RM) for more information regarding opening account procedures.
  2. Customer is required to complete, sign and submit required documents and forms related to the service(s) taken, such as:
  1. Product Consent Letter.
  2. Electronic Banking Agreements.
  3. Service Option Form.
  4. Power of Attorney (if authorized signer(s) is different from specimen card).
  5. E-Advice Form (if the e-Advice feature is taken).
  6. Request for Host-to-Host Service Form (if H2H feature is taken).
  1. Upon completion of registration, our CMS staff will arrange a schedule to conduct implementation and user training.
  2. For more detail information regarding Internet Banking features and application, please contact our Transaction Banking Solutions Department (TBSD) staff(s).


Liquidity management services :


  1. Applicant is required to have an Account at Bank BTPN. Please contact your Relationship Manager (RM) for more information regarding opening account procedures.
  2. For Collection services, such as; Giro Collection, Giro Depository, Perfect Reconciliation and Interbank Alliance a specific Product Agreement, Scheduler and Consent Letter are required for each service rendered.
  3. For Cash Pooling service engagement, a review towards each participant’s Article of Association is required before proceeding to Agreement signing.
  4. For aRTEis, a certain form is required to add the service.

Significant Impact

Our empowerment program is an integrated element to our business model. We will always try to create opportunities for all BTPN customers to grow and make a more meaningful life through our products and activities.


BTPN Mataram Customer

“Since the 1990s, I have been developing, accommodating and selling the handiwork of weavers. Unfortunately, the business was not going anywhere. After my retirement, I was determined to develop this business further. Now, together with the BTPN Purna Bakti, my business has grown and I have my own gallery.”

Cecep Solihin

BTPN Bogor Customer

“My business has grown significantly after three years of becoming a BTPN customer. Especially with the trainings I received from BTPN, now I understand about bookkeeping and business management. There, I also learnt about online business.”

Rudy Chandra

BTPN Pecenongan Customer

"Small to medium retail printing is a capital heavy business, but what we sell is largely service-unlike the large scale printing companies. Not many banks are willing to look past the surface and understand the type of business that I have built and run since 8 years ago. With the Bank’s support and assistance over the past 2 years, my business continues to grow together with BTPN Mitra Bisnis."