Management : Bank BTPN

Working at BTPN is more than a job. It is a mindset for a fulfilling career. We see ourselves as a force for good, impacting both our customers and indeed the people who work for us and with us. Increasing the significance potential of every Indonesian refers not just to the mass market or our retail funding customers, but also the staff and management of BTPN.

Our structured career development programmes come with in-depth training and development courses. Our volunteer programmes enable staff from one line of business to better understand the customer segments of other business lines so that we are truly "One Bank" with a single unified vision and cause.


We seek to:

  • Engage with our customers where they are, and understand their needs
  • Energise them with our service, solutions and enthusiasm
  • Enhance returns on investment with superior performance
  • Enable customers and staff to realize their significance potential through our enablement programmes

Our Story

BTPN is a commercial bank focusing on serving and empowering low-income communities; pensioners, micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs, and productive poor community (mass market).



We believe that being a part of BTPN is more than just working. Being a part of BTPN means you have the opportunity to give real contributions to change the life of millions of Indonesians.