Every decision made in life always has financial consequences. We call this inseparable relationship between life and finance, Life Finance.

To help you organize your Life Finance, Jenius—as the newest service from BTPN—commits to provide you an excellent service.

Jenius is Banking Reinvented for you to have a full control in managing life and finances in a simpler, smarter, and safer way, from your smartphone.

There are extensive new features in Jenius.

You are not only be able to open a saving account using your smartphone without having to go to the bank, but also you will find new ways to organize Life Finance with $Cashtag, Dream Saver, Send It, Pay Me, Split Bill, e-Card, and other features.

Simple, smart, and safe are the 3 things that you’ll automatically get with Jenius.

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A smart solution to save money.



Any kind of transaction can be done through a smartphone.



Card usage and set up is no longer time consuming.


All in one place on your mobile.

Every financial aspect can be managed through a smartphone.

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Significant Impact

Jenius will be at the heart of your Life Finance

Chika Nadya

Communication Consultant

“Jenius makes my life more practical. Life becomes easier because banking can be easily done from my fingertips. For someone who buys data quota frequently, topping up through Jenius saves a lot of time.”

Irfan Nur Ilman

Pegawai Negeri Sipil

"Jenius is really up to date and suits urban life style. Jenius understands the dynamic of modern people who don’t have/waste time and energy to organize their bank account. Jenius makes life more simple.”

Chichi Utami

Legal Consultant

“In my opinion, Jenius is really genius. I only need my fingertips to organize everything. Any related banking businesses can be managed in one application and, for me, it’s really genius. Split Bill feature helps me arranged payments when I’m out with friends.”