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Government Bond

Government Bonds offered through Bank BTPN in order to have a long term fixed income

Product Description

What is Government Bonds?

Bonds are debt securities issued by governments, corporations, or other issuers to bondholders to raise money. Bond issuers will repay the redemption value of the bond upon maturity, and a rate of interest throughout the life of the bond. Government Bonds means debt securities issued by Government of Indonesia.



Bonds generally pay a higher rate of return than time deposits with a similar tenor. Bonds offer regular interest income throughout the tenor. Bonds can be redeemed anytime before maturity.

If bond prices move up, you can benefit from capital appreciation.


Range of Products Offered

Secondary Market

FR Series (IDR)

INDON Series (USD)



Bonds are not Bank BTPN product. Bank BTPN only acts as a Selling Agent and does not guarantee investment instruments, capital and investment returns. BTPN shall not be responsible for any and all claims and risks arising from the portfolio management of the bonds. BTPN does not provide any investment advice.


Investments in bonds are not covered by the Government of Indonesia Blanket Guarantee Programme.


Investments in bonds involve market, interest rate, liquidity, credit and other risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Investors must read and understand the risk factors, fees and other details before investing in bonds. Past performance is not a reflection of future performance, prices can rise or fall depending on market conditions and several other factors.

Four easy steps to buy Government Bonds


  1. Complete Securities Account Opening Form by visiting our selected branch.
  2. Check and identify the product series that is suitable for your profile.
  3. Subscribe to your selected bond at our branch.
  4. Review your bond price regularly to take capital gain opportunity or stay invested until it matures.

Product Submission Form

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