20 March 2019

Farewell event for Bank BTPN customers, winner of Perjalanan Rohani 2018

March 20, 2019 is a happy day for Bank BTPN customers, Perjalanan Rohani prize winners. After the winner's drawing process conducted in February, they will be dispatched to carry out the Spiritual Journey on March 21, 2019.


held at JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta, the farewell event was carried out by the Sales Distribution Head Pension Business, Enrico Novian. The event was also attended by representatives of Bank BTPN partners from PT Taspen, PT Asabri and Dana Pensiun Perkebunan (DAPENBUN).


On the same day, the winning customers also got briefings on Umrah rituals so that they were ready to undergo various 9 days of worship activities in the Holy Land later.


Perjalanan Rohani Program is a form of appreciation given by Bank BTPN for retirement customers which is held regularly every year since 2009. Muslim winners will get a prize for Umrah trips to Saudi Arabia, while non-Muslim winners will get travel prizes according to their respective religions. Winning customers do not need to pay any fees because all of their needs are covered by Bank BTPN


Hopefully the winning customer can carry out the Spiritual Journey smoothly, get an abundance of benefits and blessings, and return to their homeland in good health.

For further information please contact:

PT Bank BTPN Tbk
Andrie Darusman – Daya & Corporate Communications Head
Telp: 021-30026200
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