03 May 2019

Bank BTPN fulfilling the dreams of Pensioners to go on a Spiritual Journey

On March 28, a group of pensioner customers from Bank BTPN returned to their homeland after carrying out 9 days of Umrah worship in Mecca and Medina. The 11 customers with their partners are the lucky ones to win the prize of the Spiritual Journey from BTPN Bank drawn in February.


In addition to 11 customers who were awarded the Umrah spiritual journey, 1 non-Muslim customer and his partner were chosen as winners and were departed on a spiritual journey to Jerusalem on 30 April 2019.


The Spiritual Travel Program (Perjalanan Rohani) is a form of appreciation given by Bank BTPN to pensioner customers who have dedicated their youth to the nation and the country. This program is also a manifestation of Bank BTPN's commitment to care for the welfare of pensioners. In a program that is routinely held every year since 2009, Muslim winners will get prizes for Umrah trips to Saudi Arabia, while non-Muslim winners will get travel prizes according to their respective religions. Winning customers do not need to pay any fees because all of their needs are borne by the BTPN Bank, including the availability of worship guides while in the holy land, so that the winning customers can carry out their worship calmly and comfortably.


With the implementation of this Spiritual Journey, Bank BTPN hopes that pensioner customers can enjoy their retirement by being happier, more prosperous and healthier not only physically but also spiritually.

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