23 May 2017

Shades of Diversity on display at LATAR

After three months of exhibiting an installation artwork by the artist Heri Dono, LATAR, the art space in the BTPN Sinaya Branch at Menara BTPN, is allocating space to artworks by some other prominent Indonesian artists. Under the theme of Celebrating Diversity,  LATAR is presenting the work of Entang Wiharso, Jumaldi Alfi, Fendry Ekel, Desrat Fianda and Gatot Indrajati.


Celebrating Diversity – the current theme adopted by LATAR – is a very appropriate title considering the wide variety of ideas that the artists involved have devised in their respective mediums. Entang Wiharso, for example, is a multidisciplinary artist known for his dramatic visual language. He believes that the dualism between form and abstraction is representative of that between the virtual and the real, between dreams and reality, and between chaos and order.


Floating Garden is a painting by Entang Wiharso which seeks to embody the natural realm of physical and mental beauty. Using acrylic paint, glitter and oil paint on linens with intense colors, Entang strives to communicate his idea of a dualism that can be in full harmony.


Sculptor Desrat Fianda, meanwhile, is showcasing five book-shaped sculptures inspired by the Malin Kundang stones found in Air Manis Beach, West Sumatra. On the surface of the sculptures, Desrat has carved texts which represent his interpretation of the legendary story of Malin Kundang. His use of the medium of fossilized wood reinforces the impression of the past that Desrat seeks to convey.


Paintings by Jumaldi Alfi, Fendry Ekel, and Gatot Indrajati make up the rest of the LATAR collection, featuring a visual language and message subject to the individual interpretation of each person who witnesses them. These works will adorn LATAR over the next three months, at which point the art space will be reinvigorated with the work of other fine artists.


“To us, LATAR has great significance as it is the front yard of BTPN and serves as a meeting, gathering, and interacting space for our valued customers,” said Head of Retail Funding Business at BTPN Helena at the opening of the LATAR group exhibition on Tuesday, 23 May 2017. The atmosphere created by the presence of LATAR is expected to provide added value to BTPN's financial services.


We invite everyone to experience the shades of diversity on display at LATAR, as reflected in the remarkable artworks of Entang Wiharso, Jumaldi Alfi, Fendry Ekel, Desrat Fianda and Gatot Indrajati. These works are being exhibited from 23 May 2017 to early August 2017 in the BTPN Sinaya Branch at Menara BTPN, Jakarta.

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