14 December 2017

Jenius Launches Co.Create, a Collaboration to Grow with Customers

Jakarta, 14 December 2017 – Today, PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) officially launches Jenius Co.Create. Inspired by the spirit of collaboration among Indonesia’s young generation, Jenius has created a place to share ideas, inspirations and creativity in making a better future for the country especially in the financial services. Through Jenius Co.Create, anyone can be a part of this spirit and participate to develop Jenius, which in the future will also raise their quality of life and their financing.


Jenius was created through a co-creation process before finally being officially launched in August 2016.


As a life finance solution for digital savvy, Jenius integrates the financial aspect and the daily life to make it easier, smarter and safer. Therefore, the co-creation element is considered as an integral part of the establishment of Jenius.


Peterjan van Nieuwenhuizen, BTPN Digital Banking Head, said that in the development of Jenius, BTPN collaborated and co-created with digital savvy society to enrich Jenius’ features so that it will be able to answer properly on the people’s needs.


“Collaboration and co-creation that we have done, does not stop in the initial making phase. We want Jenius to continue the evolution to adjust with the dynamic lifestyle of the digital savvy. We continue the co-creation spirit to make Jenius stays relevant,” Peter said.


The gotong royong (working together) spirit has been a part of Indonesians’ identity and has helped the development progress in the country. The co-creation itself is in line with the gotong royong spirit which focuses on innovation and collaboration idea to create products that can respond to today’s society.


In the early stage of the development of Jenius, there was a brainstorming period for 18 months. Interesting ideas came up from different individuals and communities. The ideas were then combined and analyzed to find out which one that could be facilitated to become Jenius – an application from creators to creators.


“The co-creation process has resulted in a unique, innovative and relevant product. In the second year of Jenius, we don’t want to leave behind the co-creation process because we believe that the continuity of co-creation will help Jenius develop to serve the needs of digital savvy,” Peter added.


The emphasis on life necessities is the focus that differ Jenius from other banking applications. Since the beginning Jenius was planned and designed, and continuously updated, to fulfill all its users’ needs.


“I am proud to be a part of the Jenius co-creation process since the beginning,” said blogger Eka Situmorang. “Before Jenius was launched, I had been involved as one of the beta-testers and have given my inputs as a user. Jenius team has been very open to suggestions so they can produce a life finance application which is not only easy to use but also has visually comfortable apps and has different features which I need.”


Jenius has collaborated with Indoestri to provide creative and innovative classes for digital savvy generation who wants to develop their talent and knowledge in a new sector.


“Jenius is segmented for and evolved with digital savvy in their lives. Meanwhile, Indoestri’s spirit is innovation and collaboration and they in line with Jenius. These similarities encourage us to co-create Jenius in presenting different workshops which highlight collaboration and co-creation. I believe Jenius Co.Create will be the perfect place to create, share ideas and create new innovations which later on will be useful for the life finance’s future in Indonesia,” said Leonard Theosabrata, the founder of Indoestri.


Jenius Co.Create Space is now available in two places in town, the Street Gallery in Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) 3 and Mal Kelapa Gading (MKG). Jenius Co.Create Space is the perfect location for sharing ideas or doing different Jenius activities with creative individuals or communities. Any person can be part of the Jenius Co.Create by registering at the By becoming a part of Jenius Co.Create, anyone can help create a better future for financial services for anybody.

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Bank BTPN in brief

PT Bank BTPN Tbk (Bank BTPN) is a foreign exchange bank and is a merger between PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) and PT Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia (SMBCI) in February 2019. Bank BTPN serves various segments in the banking industry, from retail to corporate customers, including retirees, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) and productive underprivileged communities; the consuming class segment; and the corporate segment. Bank BTPN provides the services through business units, such as BTPN Sinaya—a business unit for wealth management, BTPN Purna Bakti—a business serving retirees, BTPN Micro Business—a business unit serving microbusinesses, BTPN Business Banking—a business serving small- and medium-sized enterprises, Jenius—a digital banking platform serving the consuming class segment, and the corporate business unit, which serves national, multinational, and Japanese companies. Bank BTPN also has a subsidiary, namely PT Bank BTPN Syariah Tbk, which focuses on serving productive underprivileged customers. Bank BTPN also regularly provides training sessions and information for customers through the Daya Program—a sustainable and measurable empowerment program—to improve customers’ capacity so they can grow and have a chance to live better.