19 September 2022


Jakarta, 19 September 2022 - Jenius, a life finance solution from Bank BTPN, invites Teman Jenius to celebrate their small wins by going on a trip to Singapore on 8–11 September 2022. Four Teman Jenius was selected out of hundreds of participants and won the traveling story competition.. This competitionwas held last July through Jenius’ official Instagram and Twitter account.


Anita Ekasari, Digital Banking Acquisition, Service, & Marketing Head of Bank BTPN, explained that with the improved pandemic situation globally, the tourism industry along with the traveling trend oversease also gradually recovering. “We received various inspirational stories from Teman Jenius about how they celebrate their small victories, one of which is by traveling.”


Based on the Jenius’ poll results conducted through its social media, Anita continued, one of Teman Jenius' favorite holiday destinations is Singapore. This has inspired Jenius to hold a traveling story competition with theme #smallstepstoday (#langkahkecilhariini) and win a prize of holiday in Singapore for Teman Jenius. They can experience Jenius' revolutionary features that are designed in helping users from preparing to managing their finances during the trip.


Based on Jenius' internal data, Jenius had accompanied Teman Jenius to 188 countries. To learn more about the their travel interests, Jenius conducted a poll via Instagram @JeniusConnect with 897 respondents last July. As a result, the six most chosen travel destinations are Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey.


The two Jenius features that often used by Teman Jenius when traveling abroad are Foreign Currency and Jenius Visa Debit Card (m-Card). These features allow digital-savvy communities to have access to seven Foreign Currencies through the Jenius application and in one Jenius Visa Debit Card. Currently, Teman Jenius can purchase and sell seven Foreign Currencies directly from the Jenius application, including United States dollar (USD), Singapore dollar (SGD), Japanese yen (JPY), British pound (GBP), Australian dollar (AUD), the euro (EUR), and the Hong Kong dollar (HKD). Buying and selling foreign currencies on Jenius application can be done during business hours Monday-Friday from 09.00 to 15.00 WIB, except for national holidays. Users can purchase foreign currencies on the Jenius application prior to their departure to avoid the risk of fluctuations in exchange rates when transacting while traveling abroad.


To facilitate transactions abroad, users can also connect Foreign Currency to the Jenius Visa Main Debit Card (m-Card) and thus the transactions will immediately deduct the balance in Foreign Currency. The m-Card can be used to transact both on EDC machines and ATMs throughout the international Visa network. In addition, the m-Card has also been equipped with Visa Contactless technology so that payments at Visa merchants can be made only by tapping the Jenius Debit Card to the machine, without a PIN or signature. Even though it is very convenient and easy to use, Visa Contactless is still guaranteed to be safe, because every overseas transaction with value equivalent to Rp3,000,000 and above will still require a signature or PIN. Furthermore, users can also set transaction limits directly through the Card Center menu in the Jenius application.


One of the winners of the #smallstepstoday (#langkahkecilhariini) traveling story competition, Mia (33 years old) from Bandung shared her experience using Jenius features when traveling to Japan on her Twitter (@MeinNameistMia). “Jenius’ features have really helped me, from preparing the trip to managing my transactions during my vacation in Japan. Prior to the trip, I booked the hotel using the Jenius Visa Debit Card. While exploring several cities in Japan, I didn't carry much cash because almost all transactions I used the Jenius Visa Main Debit Card (m-Card) which was linked to the Japanese yen Foreign Currency in the Jenius app.”


 “As a life finance solution, Jenius is committed to helping every aspect of the digital-savvy communities’ life, including traveling. The features on Jenius can help users from preparing for vacations by saving money, buying foreign currency of the destination country, ordering flight tickets and accommodation, withdrawing cash across the Visa international network, to making transactions easier with the Jenius Visa Debit Card in the destination country. Users can also monitor their expenses in details more easily through the In & Out and Moneytory menus. We hope to continue being an integral part of Teman Jenius beginning as well as when celebrating every small steps of theirachievement," concluded Anita.


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