18 October 2019

Bank BTPN will Issue Bonds for Business Expansion Purposes

Jakarta, October 18, 2019 – PT Bank BTPN Tbk today announced its prospectus on the plan to issue bonds through Sustainable Public Offering IV staged I with a target of Rp 1 trillion.


Bank BTPN Chief Finance Officer, Hanna Tantani, explained that the fund from the bonds will be used to finance the company’s credit expansion. Bank BTPN is currently lending credit to all segments from the micro-, small- and medium-enterprises, retail and corporate. “We see the credit growth is still open, in line with the economic growth target set by the government. This is also part of our commitment to contribute in driving the national economy,” she said.


Hanna added that the bonds have been rated AAA (idn) from PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia. “This rating reflects the Bank BTPN’s performance in maintaining the company asset quality, improving financing structure and superior performance as a positive impact from the merger with PT Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia (SMBCI) in February 2019,” she said.


For the bonds issuance, Bank BTPN has appointed PT BCA Sekuritas, PT Mandiri Sekuritas, PT OCBC Sekuritas Indonesia and PT Nikko Sekuritas Indonesia as the guarantor of the issuance of bonds. Meanwhile, PT Bank Mega Tbk will serve as the trustee. The offerings will take place from October 21 to November 4, while the listing in the Indonesian Stock Exchange is expected to be on November 27, 2019. “We are optimistic that the bonds offering will receive positive response from the market,” Hanna said.


By June 30, 2019, the total lending of Bank BTPN has reached Rp 143.4 trillion, a 112% year-on-year (yoy) growth compared to the same period last year of Rp 67.8 trillion. The non-performing loan(NPL) ratio is at 0.8% (gross) level while the capital adequacy ratio(CAR) is maintained at level 23.3%.


The bank has recorded an increase in assets for 87% from Rp 99.9 trillion in June 2018 to Rp 186.7 trillion in June 2019, while net profit for the period that can be attributed to shareholders reached Rp 1.2 trillion, a 13% increase from the same period last year of Rp 1.09 trillion.


“We hope the bond issuance can be one of the investment instrument options for investors as well as an alternative source for long-term financing for Bank BTPN,” Hanna concluded. 

For further information please contact:

PT Bank BTPN Tbk
Andrie Darusman – Daya & Corporate Communications Head
Telp: 021-30026200
Email: andrie.darusman@btpn.com or corporate.communications@btpn.com


Bank BTPN in brief

Bank BTPN is a foreign exchange bank and is a merger between PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) and PT Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia (SMBCI). Bank BTPN is focusing to serve the mass market segment comprising of retirees, micro-, small- and medium-enterprises (MSME) and mass market; the consuming class segment; and corporate segment. The business focuses are supported by Bank BTPN business units including BTPN Sinaya– a financing business unit, BTPN Purna Bakti– a business unit focusing to serve retirees, BTPN Mitra Usaha Rakyat– a business unit focusing on micro businesses, BTPN Mitra Bisnis– a business unit focusing on serving small and medium enterprises, BTPN Wow!– a financial inclusiveness focusing on the unbanked segment, Jenius– a digital banking platform serving the consuming class segment, and corporate business unit which focuses on serving national, multinational and Japanese companies. BTPN also has a subsidiary namely theBTPN Syariahwhich focuses on serving customers from the mass market. Through the Daya Program, which is a sustainable and measurable empowerment program for the mass market, Bank BTPN regularly gives training and information to improve the customers’ capacity so they can grow and have a chance to live better.