27 July 2023

Jenius Supports Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia 2023 through Series of #laribarengjenius Events

Bandung, July 27, 2023 – Jenius from PT Bank BTPN Tbk, as the co-title sponsor of Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia, supports the annual running event through a series of activities under the #laribarengjenius program.


The collaboration between Jenius and Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia will be held for the next three years until 2025.


Anita Ekasari, Digital Banking Acquisition, Service, and Marketing Head, Bank BTPN explained the collaboration between Jenius and Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia 2023. "Jenius believes that both running and financial require dedication, patience, and commitment to achieve goals. Through this collaboration, Jenius aims to encourage more digital savvy individuals to take #langkahkecilhariini in achieving better financial and physical well-being. To support and boost the excitement of the Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia 2023 event, Jenius presents the #laribarengjenius program.”


The #laribarengjenius program consists of a series of activities and special offers that Jenius friends can enjoy. These include special offers for purchasing offline and virtual Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia tickets using Jenius, special promos for shopping running equipment, fun run activities with running communities in 13 cities, and Jenius booth on race pack collection day and race day.


As part of the Road to Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia 2023, Jenius collaborated with Pocari Sweat to invite the running community to participate in fun run activities #laribarengjenius in 34 cities including Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Magelang, Malang, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru, Semarang, and several other cities. Jenius Co.Create engages in co-creation and community gathering activities with runners in 15 cities and was attended by more than 600 participants.


Ahead of the 2023 Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia, participants can collect the race packs on July 28-29, 2023, at the Bandung Convention Center while visiting the Race Expo, which hosts a variety list of tenants. During the two-day race pack collection, participants can visit the Jenius Booth at the Race Expo and enjoy a variety of exciting activities, including an infinity room spot and LED urban installation—perfect for photo opportunities—Jenius 7 Running Gear Auction from renowned brands like 2XU compression, SUNTO smartwatch, Shokz wireless headphones, and ASICS sport shoes.


To further add to the excitement and provide a complete running experience during the Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia 2023 on Sunday, July 30, 2023, Jenius collaborates with Pocari Sweat Sport Science to provide a recovery booth equipped with massage and ice bath facility to aid runners' recovery upon crossing the finish line.


Throughout the fun run activities of Road to Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia 2023 #laribarengjenius in various cities, Jenius has heard inspiring stories from runners about their journey into running, from training to participating in races both domestically and internationally.


One such inspirational story comes from Melanie Putria, a friend of Jenius and one of the 6 World Major Marathoners. Melanie shared how running has brought more happiness, empowerment, and purpose to her life since she started in 2011.


According to Melanie, several important factors are necessary to begin running, including setting goals for training and having the right equipment such as suitable shoes and comfortable clothing. She also highlighted the significance of smartwatches to monitor running progress and boost motivation, as well as learning proper running techniques and understanding our physical capabilities.


"Starting running is not an instant process; it requires determination, commitment, and consistency. It begins with small steps to achieve further progress, ultimately leading to participating in races or running events. It's also essential to prepare in various aspects, such as understanding proper running techniques to minimize injuries, having appropriate running gear, and of course, financial preparation," said Melanie Putria, a friend of Jenius and one of the 6 World Major Marathoners.


Melanie also shared how Jenius helped her during her race in early July 2023 in Gold Coast, Australia, making transactions more seamless. She utilized Jenius' Foreign Currency feature by purchasing Australian dollars (AUD) directly from the Jenius app for ease of transactions during her time there. After buying AUD, Melanie linked it to her Jenius Visa Debit Card (m-Card), and all transactions, from public transportation to daily necessities, were directly deducted from her AUD balance. This allowed Melanie to focus more on preparing for the race.


Jenius' revolutionary features help Jenius users in preparing their financial condition for their running training and events. Users can scan QRIS codes using the Jenius app to make cashless transactions more convenient during running competitions in various cities across Indonesia, for shopping, buying drinks, food, and other transactions with merchants accepting QRIS.


For hassle-free transactions during running events in destination cities, Jenius users can use their Jenius Visa Debit Card (m-Card) and Jenius Visa Credit Card for online and offline transactions at all Visa merchants. To prepare for running training and events, users can utilize Dream Saver, an auto-debit savings feature with a 2.5% annual interest rate. Users can start saving in Dream Saver by setting a target date for reaching their savings goal or selecting the frequency and amount of auto-debit deposits (daily, weekly, or monthly), users can also add pictures of their dreams to boost their motivation to save.


During the Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia event in Bandung, Jenius offers special promotions for runners using their Jenius Visa Debit and Credit Cards. The promotions cover various categories, including restaurants, fashion, gadgets, transportation, and entertainment, all available in the EverYay Jenius promotions. Runners can enjoy discounts at various favorite stores, such as KFC offering a Super Besar 1 menu for Rp21,000 scanning QR through Jenius app, "buy one get two" promotions at Kintan Buffet and Shaburi, as well as gadget shopping discounts worth Rp1,000,000 at iBox and Eraspace merchants, adding excitement to the event. For details of the terms and conditions, please visit the following page:


"We have witnessed tremendous enthusiasm among digitall savvy individuals participating in the Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia activities during the first year of our collaboration with Jenius. Through the #laribarengjenius program, we hope to assist runners in achieving their goals and encourage more Jenius users to embark on a healthier lifestyle and financial well-being. We thank everyone for the warm reception given to Jenius, and we look forward to bringing more excitement to the Pocari Sweat Run Indonesia next year!" concluded Anita.


Additional information about Jenius (as of March 2023):

  • Jenius user continues to grow to 4.6 million (a 21% year-on-year growth).
  • Third-party funds continue to grow, reaching Rp23.6 trillion (a 46% year-on-year growth).
  • Credit disbursement through Flexi Cash reached Rp945.8 billion (a 103% year-on-year growth).

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