06 October 2023

Jenius Presents Jenius Online Travel Fair, Making ‘7 Hari 7 Malam’ Program Even More Exciting

Jakarta, October 6, 2023 – Jenius from PT Bank BTPN Tbk proudly presents its first-ever Jenius Online Travel Fair, running from October 11 to 17, 2023. This event marks the return of the highly anticipated 7 Hari 7 Malam #jadilebihjenius program, now more exciting with Jenius Online Travel Fair. Offering discounts of up to IDR 7 million on Traveloka for purchasing transportation tickets, accommodations, and holiday activities, which can make Jenius users’ vacation #jadilebihjenius.


The 7 Hari 7 Malam #jadilebihjenius program first debuted during Jenius' 7th anniversary celebration in August, returning in September 2023 due to the high enthusiasm from Jenius users. This program includes 7 special dining promotions, 7 selected merchant discounts, and 7 special offers from selected Jenius’ features.


"Recognizing the positive enthusiasm towards the program in the past two months, Jenius revisited the needs and aspirations of our digital-savvy community. Through polls on social media @jeniusconnect, it was found that traveling was the most frequently mentioned desire among Jenius users. Hence, in October, the 7 Hari 7 Malam #jadilebihjenius program becomes even more exciting with the introduction of the Jenius Online Travel Fair for the first time," explained Anita Ekasari, Digital Banking Business Stream Head at Bank BTPN.


The Jenius Online Travel Fair introduces a fresh concept in travel fairs. Jenius users can participate in the voucher war to get discounts of up to IDR 7 million by purchasing a voucher worth IDR 7,007 on Loket.com using Jenius Visa Credit Card or Debit Card. These vouchers can be redeemed on Traveloka for various purchases, such as hotel reservations, transportation, and lifestyle. In total, there are more than 5,000 vouchers allocated to be contested throughout the voucher war period.


To participate in the voucher war on Loket.com, Jenius users can follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Jenius Online Travel Fair website (https://www.jenius.com/pages/travelfair)

2. Choose the payment method, either Jenius Visa Credit Card or Debit Card

3. Join the queue by clicking the Join the Queue button

4. Please wait in the Waiting Room

5. Select the type of voucher, then tap Order Now

6. Read and agree to the terms & conditions

7. Complete personal information, then tap Continue

8. Choose the payment method, then tap Continue

9. Complete payment information, then tap Pay Now

10. Tap See E-Voucher to view the voucher code. The e-voucher can also be sent via email.


After receiving the voucher through Loket.com or your email, Jenius users can proceed to the Traveloka app or Traveloka.com website to purchase transportation tickets, accommodations, and desired holiday activities. Here are the steps:

1. Open the e-voucher from Loket.com and have the voucher code ready

2. Open the Traveloka app, tap the relevant product, then select the desired service

3. Complete the details, then tap Continue

4. Choose the appropriate payment method, then enter the card information corresponding to the type

    of voucher purchased initially, either Jenius Visa Credit Card or Debit Card

5. In the Use Coupon or Gift Voucher section, tap Add

6. Enter the voucher code from Loket.com

7. Apply the voucher code to get a discount, then tap OK


Please note the minimum transaction amount applicable from the owned voucher.


Expressing her excitement about joining Jenius Online Travel Fair, Melanie Putria, a Jenius user, shared, "Usually, wars are for buying concert tickets, but this time, Jenius introduced a war for getting travel vouchers. This unique and exciting travel fair concept is what piqued my interest. Not only that, but I could also purchase accommodation tickets to a destination I've been dreaming about visiting with my family, all while enjoying the flexibility of choosing accommodations according to me and my family's preferences."


In addition to discounts up to IDR 7 million on Traveloka with Jenius Visa Credit and Debit Card purchases, users can also get special offers, including extra cashback up to IDR 2.5 million from Flexi Cash. New Jenius users can exclusively get extra cashback up to IDR 500,000 for participating in the voucher war and making transactions on Traveloka. Jenius users can also get cashback up to IDR 250,000 by activating Foreign Currency in Jenius, up to 10,000 Yay Points bonus & 0% installments up to 12 months using Jenius Credit Cards, and discounts at Bags City, JavaMifi, and TiketUx using Jenius features. Exclusively for Jenius Co.Creator, receive vouchers up to IDR 7 million discounts on Traveloka. 


To further assist Jenius users in seamless transactions while traveling, Jenius has recently introduced two new foreign currencies: Thai Baht (THB) and Chinese Yuan (CNY). With these additions, Jenius users can now buy, sell, and conduct international transactions in 9 foreign currencies through the Jenius app.


"We sincerely thank our enthusiastic Jenius users for their support towards the 7 Hari 7 Malam #jadilebihjenius program, which has been running since August 2023. Ensure you have activated your Jenius Visa Credit and Debit Cards to not miss out on the exciting programs offered by Jenius. We hope the programs introduced by Jenius can meet the needs of our valued users," concluded Anita.


In addition to the Jenius Online Travel Fair, information on other #jadilebihjenius 7 Days 7 Nights program features can be accessed at https://www.jenius.com/pages/jadilebihjenius7tahun.

For further information please contact:


PT Bank BTPN Tbk
Andrie Darusman – Communications & Daya Head
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