12 October 2023

Bank BTPN Invites Customers to Explore Decarbonization Business Opportunities through 2023 Sustainability Seminar

Jakarta, 12 October 2023 - The awareness of practicing business more sustainably has emerged even stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the energy transition agenda, including industrial decarbonization, is believed as a part of building national economic resilience.


Hence, efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and implement energy efficiency are now a concern across sectors, as well as the business and banking sectors.


PT Bank BTPN Tbk (Bank BTPN) always prioritizes sustainability principles and takes the initiative to implement decarbonization in its business operations.


One of Bank BTPN's initiatives is realized through The 2023 Sustainability Seminar “Addressing Climate Change through Decarbonization Initiatives across Wider Business Sectors” to share insights with corporate customers about decarbonization efforts that are not limited to the energy sector but also various business sectors.


Carrying the main headline “Beyond Energy Transition: Seizing Opportunities in The Pathway to Net Zero Economy”, this seminar was the second year to be held, attended by at least 200 guests from 60 companies, and took place at the Java Ballroom of the Westin Hotel, Jakarta (12/10).


In his welcoming speech, President Director Bank BTPN Henoch Munandar conveyed that Bank BTPN's initiative and commitment to realizing decarbonization is the form of Bank BTPN’s efforts to support the government in reducing carbon emissions.


“In Bank BTPN, we are taking serious steps in implementing decarbonization to achieve sustainability in terms of environment, social, and good governance. Bank BTPN also has a roadmap as a form of our commitment to pursuing the Net Zero Emission target by 2050,” said Henoch.


Attending this seminar was Abdul Malik Sadat Idris, Head of Region I, Ministry of the National Development Planning Agency as a key speaker who discussed the matter of how far the efforts to reduce emissions in Indonesia to meet the targets that have been set out in Indonesia's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and the direction of macro industrial decarbonization policies in Indonesia.


Bank BTPN also invited keynote speaker Lufaldy Ernanda, Director of Financial Supervision of Derivatives and Carbon Exchanges at the Financial Services Authority, to talk about carbon exchange and the role of stakeholders in supporting carbon trading to achieve net zero emission, in connection with the issuance of OJK Regulation No. 14 of 2023 about Carbon Trading through the Carbon Exchange.


Last but not least, Bank BTPN also presented Ignatius Denny Wicaksono, Head of Business Development 2 Division of the Indonesian Stock Exchange, as a keynote speaker who spoke about price mechanisms, transactions, and carbon trading, challenges in implementing carbon trading, as well as the impact of carbon trading on business and investment.


The 2023 Sustainability Seminar “Addressing Climate Change through Decarbonization Initiatives across Wider Business Sectors” was divided into four sessions that elaborated different topics from various speakers to provide a comprehensive view of decarbonization efforts.


Bank BTPN collaborated with the Principal for Policy & Program of the Indonesia Business Council (IBC) Nanda Noor as the first speaker with the topic “Challenge and Opportunities of Decarbonization Initiatives” who explained the first steps to start decarbonization that are possible to be implemented in various sectors. In his presentation, Nanda shared his views regarding decarbonization initiatives that could be accomplished effortlessly, such as replacing energy sources with renewable energy, utilizing energy as efficiently as possible, and managing water and waste well.


​​In the second session, Bank BTPN presented Climate-specialized Associate Investment Officer International Finance Corporation (IFC) Sonali Gupta with the topic “Beyond Power and Energy - Innovative Approaches and Implementation of Technology for Decarbonization Initiatives” to share views regarding decarbonization projects that have been implemented, both from energy efficiency, water and waste management, and sustainable supply chains to prove that decarbonization initiatives can be performed by all business lines apart from the energy, oil and gas sectors.


To complement the material that has been presented, Bank BTPN raised the topic of Carbon Footprint Tracking/Calculation from the Head of ESG CONVENE Katherine Pamintuan. COVENE is a consultant that provides a platform to help calculate the carbon emission footprint produced in a company's business activities. The explanation of calculating carbon emission footprints will likely be applicable for companies that are interested in participating in this activity, considering the latest OJK regulations regarding carbon trading which will be implemented shortly.


At the closing session, Head of Wholesale, Commercial, and Transaction Banking Bank BTPN Nathan Christianto also provided a presentation of Bank BTPN's commitment and support for customers regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) by providing ESG financing instruments, such as green/social loans and also sustainability-linked loans. “Not only financial assistance, but Bank BTPN also helps analyze the latest market trends related to ESG and provides advice on developing a sustainable finance framework and selecting appropriate parameters to measure customers' sustainability achievements related to ESG performance,” explained Nathan.


Nathan said, “Bank BTPN believes that close collaboration with customers is important to ensure that the bank can provide full support in sustainable financing that is accurate to achieve the decarbonization strategy.”


Bank BTPN demonstrated its commitment to reducing emissions and environmental pollution by preparing souvenirs consisting of items made from environmentally friendly recycled materials for guests. It is hoped that this small step will inspire corporations to reduce waste that pollutes the environment.

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Bank BTPN in brief

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