02 November 2023

Bank BTPN Collaborates with Manulife Asset Management Indonesia

Jakarta, November 2, 2023 – PT Bank BTPN Tbk. (“Bank BTPN”) today announced a partnership collaboration with PT Manulife Asset Management Indonesia (“MAMI”), the largest investment manager in Indonesia with managed assets (AUM) of IDR 45.3 trillion (as of the end of September 2023). Through this partnership, Bank BTPN will enhance its business by offering 7 (seven) MAMI mutual funds as investment solutions for its customers. This aligns with Bank BTPN's vision as a universal bank with a more comprehensive business approach serving diverse customer segments.


In his opening remarks, Bank BTPN Deputy CEO, Darmadi Sutanto said, "In conducting its business, Bank BTPN is committed to serving a wider range of customer segments with complete financial products and services that cater to their needs, including offering diverse investment options. The collaboration with MAMI is a realization of this commitment. We believe that the strategic partnership between Bank BTPN and MAMI will provide greater benefits to the public in the form of a wide range of attractive investment choices, especially for Bank BTPN's customers."


In a similar tone, Afifa, CEO & President Director of MAMI stated, "We are delighted to collaborate with Bank BTPN. Bank BTPN's extensive network presents significant opportunities for us to expand the distribution of mutual funds. Furthermore, this partnership is a significant step for both institutions in providing high-quality mutual fund products to meet the investment needs of Bank BTPN's customers with diverse investment risk profiles, ranging from conservative to aggressive. As a starting point, we are introducing seven Manulife mutual funds that can serve as diversification solutions, not only in terms of asset classes but also in terms of currency and geography."


Talking about investment strategy, Helena, Head of Wealth Management Business and Network & Distribution at Bank BTPN urged customers to select investment products that align with their risk profiles and investment objectives to ensure a secure portfolio with optimal returns. "With a variety of investment options from Bank BTPN and MAMI, customers can diversify their assets beyond the Indonesian stock market and into the Asia Pacific market. In addition, to minimize volatility risk, investment options in the bond and money markets are also available."


Furthermore, Afifa explained the various MAMI mutual fund products available at Bank BTPN. MAMI and Bank BTPN have prepared seven mutual funds tailored to the diverse profiles of Bank BTPN's customers. These products include 1 money market mutual fund in Rupiah denomination, 2 fixed-income mutual funds in Rupiah denomination, 1 fixed-income mutual fund in US dollar denomination, 2 equity mutual funds in Rupiah denomination, and 1 offshore equity mutual fund in US dollar denomination with a portfolio consisting of globally scaled Asian companies.


Manulife Equity Fund (MDS) invests in the most liquid stocks on the Indonesian stock exchange using the LQ45 index as a reference. Meanwhile, Manulife Premier Stock (MSA) employs a high conviction strategy that focuses on a bottom-up approach in selecting stocks expected to have strong long-term fundamental prospects, with IDX80 as the reference index. Therefore, MSA is more suitable for investors with an aggressive risk profile.


For investors looking to venture outside of Indonesia's market, Manulife Asia Pacific Sharia Equity US Dollar (MANSYAF) offers the opportunity to invest in prominent stocks in the Asia Pacific region.


In addition, MAMI and Bank BTPN also offer three fixed-income mutual funds. Manulife Monthly Income II (MPB II) invests in short-term Indonesian government bonds, ensuring lower volatility and featuring monthly investment income distribution. MPB II is ideal for conservative/moderate investors seeking regular monthly cash flow and avoiding excessive market fluctuations.


Next, there is Manulife Indonesian Government Bonds II (MONI II) Class A, which invests in medium-term Indonesian government bonds with the goal of providing a competitive return alternative for investors. MONI II is suitable for moderate-risk investors looking to benefit from the bond market with controlled risk.


Finally, there is Manulife USD Fixed Income (MANUFIX) Class A, which focuses on short-term Indonesian government bonds (with a duration of less than three years) to generate a stable portfolio performance with controlled volatility. MANUFIX Class A is suitable for conservative investors and can also serve as a portfolio diversification tool for aggressive investors.


MAMI also offers the Manulife Money Market Fund II (MDK II) Class A for investors who wish to preserve their investment value and maintain high liquidity. MDK II invests in high-quality money market instruments, resulting in relatively stable performance with low risk.


"We hope that the introduction of these investment products further complements our wealth management offerings to meet investment needs in all conditions, in line with Bank BTPN's vision and commitment to providing comprehensive services to customers across Indonesia," concluded Helena.


Information about Manulife mutual funds can be obtained via the Manulife website, Bank BTPN website and the Jenius application. Manulife mutual fund purchase transactions can later be carried out through Jenius from Bank BTPN and the BTPN Sinaya branch.

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Bank BTPN in brief

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