25 June 2020

Jenius Launches Moneytory, a New Feature for Simpler Cash Flow

Jakarta, June 25th 2020 – Jenius, a life finance solution from Bank BTPN, launches its latest feature innovation namely Moneytory. This feature helps the digital savvy community to manage their cash flow more easily by recording their expenses and income automatically through Jenius app. Moneytory records income and expenses from incoming and outgoing money transactions in Active Balance and Main Debit Card (m-Card). In addition, Jenius users can also find clear summary of their financial conditions in a certain period of time, from how much their income and expenditure are to the difference between both, presented as expenditure graphics based on date and nominal.


Irwan Tisnabudi, Digital Banking Head of Bank BTPN explained this latest innovation, "In realizing a healthy financial condition, the basic thing that needs to be done is to know the cash flow that starts with financial records. Moneytory comes as a personal financial management tool that helps users record expenses and income automatically through the Jenius app. We have developed this feature based on input and feedback from the cocreation and collaboration process with the Indonesian digital savvy."


Based on a poll conducted by Jenius through Instagram Story which was answered by 2,619 respondents, there are 6 out of 10 people who claimed that they are not accustomed to recording personal cash flow. The reasons vary, ranging from lazy/complicated (40.5%), forgetfulness (31%), confused/unfamiliar (16.1%), haven't found an effective way (6.3%), and feel they don't have enough time to make financial records (3.9%). Meanwhile, financial records are fundamental to knowing whether a person's financial condition is healthy or not, and to help in financial planning.


There are two main information in the Moneytory feature, which are income and expenditure. On the Moneytory main page, users can see the total amount of income and expenses alongside percentage diagram according to their categories, the amount of the difference between income and expenses, and highlights containing expenditure trends that display expenses graphics according to date as well as the nominal.


Every online and offline transaction that a user makes with Active Balance and m-Card will automatically change the expenditure data in Moneytory according to its category. Starting from money transfers, e-Wallet top ups, bill payments, offline transactions at merchant stores, to online transactions in the marketplace/App Store/Google Play, all are recorded automatically. If the user's transaction does not match the existing category, the data will be recorded in the Uncategorized section and the user can immediately adjust it themselves.


Jonatahn End, #temanjenius and content creator, shared his experiences using the Moneytory feature. "I routinely record my income and expenditure to find out my financial situation. I am very happy that finally there is a new feature in Jenius which is Moneytory, making it easier for me to record income and expenditure automatically directly from Jenius without having to switch applications. I can also immediately see a summary of what expenses I have done based on certain periods that have been categorized. I can know clearly for what purposes my money is spent so that I can manage cash flow in a simpler and smarter way without the need to change between applications. There is no reason to be lazy anymore to record our financial activity," said Jonathan.


Over the past four years, Jenius has developed revolutionary features from the cocreation and collaboration with the Indonesian digital savvy community, including Flexi Cash, Jenius for Business, Foreign Currency Balance Options, and the latest is Moneytory.


"As one of the pioneers of life finance and digital banking solutions in Indonesia, Jenius is committed to continue to innovate through a process of collaboration and cocreation in providing relevant features in accordance with the needs of Indonesia's growing digital savvy community," concluded Irwan.


Jenius prioritizes user safety and comfort by continuing to innovate and educate users regularly. Jenius from BTPN Bank is registered and supervised by OJK and guaranteed by LPS. To get more information about Jenius, please visit . If you have questions about Jenius, don't hesitate to contact our 24-hour Customer Service on Twitter: @jeniushelp, Call Center: 1500 365, and E-mail: [email protected].

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