29 October 2021

Jenius Launches 'Jenius Aman' Program, Aims at Better Public Understanding of Digital Security

Jakarta, October 28, 2021 – Jenius from PT Bank BTPN Tbk, a pioneer of digital banking in Indonesia, launched the 'Jenius Aman’ (Jenius is Safe) program today to continuously share knowledge about digital security. Jenius is eager to help increase people’s literacy on the importance of keeping personal data confidential, especially in the digital realm, through this program.


Irwan Tisnabudi, Digital Banking Head of Bank BTPN, said: “The security of customers’ data and funds is top priority at Jenius. Jenius is equipped with a layered security system to ensure the security of transactions and data storage. We also use technology with international standards and layers of data isolation and protection, and are supervised by Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Fraud cases that have happened to Jenius’ customers are classified as cybercrime, specifically social engineering. Therefore, we launch the ‘Jenius Aman’ program to further educate the public about personal data security so that they can avoid any kind of cybercrime potential.”


Teguh Aprianto, Cyber Security Researcher & Consultant, said he sees an increase in cybercrimes, specifically in the form of social engineering, during the pandemic. “The current pandemic situation drives changes in people's behavior in adopting technology to meet various daily needs, including for banking transaction necessities. Unfortunately, this digital acceleration followed by an increase in cybercrimes that target digital platforms users, one of the most common modes is social engineering. Therefore, as active users, especially in the digital realm, customers must also be more cautious when receiving calls, short text messages, or messages via social media from people who claim to be from certain banks and request for personal and confidential data or information, or request bank customers to click on a specific link. Service providers also have the responsibility of maintaining the security of customers’ data and funds, and customers also need to be vigilant to protect their own data so that they can avoid potential fraud/cybercrimes.”


Since its launch, Jenius has provided security features that support customers to make transactions using the Jenius application safely. These security features include layers of security measures, such as Personal Identification Number (PIN), password and biometric authentication to log in to Jenius application, limit settings for transactions, PIN setting on each debit card, comprehensive and customizable notifications, a feature to block & unblock Jenius Debit Cards directly from the application, and the Jenius Pay feature that helps customers perform online transactions without the need to enter confidential information contained in the debit card on the digital platform.


Along with the increasing cases of social engineering, Jenius has added several security measures to minimize the risk of misuse and fraud attempts of Jenius accounts due to users being tricked into providing confidential information, including one-time password (OTP). Jenius has implemented a one connected device policy, shut down access to website, and allows Jenius users to unlink their device from Jenius application only by calling Jenius Help 1500365 or coming to Bank BTPN’s Sinaya branch offices. Users previously could unlink their devices from Jenius accounts through the application and the website.


“Digital banking service providers prioritize the value of user convenience and comfort, and give users complete control of their own accounts. We understand that the addition of this security measure causes inconvenience to Jenius users, but we’re taking this step to protect users from potential cybercrimes. We always listen to users’ feedbacks and improve our services. We have added the capacity of Jenius Help services to cut the time required to unlink device to two hours from previously two working days,” explained Irwan.


In efforts to further disseminate information about digital security and additional security measures, Jenius and digital-savvy communities in Indonesia carry out a co-creation process. One of the collaborative efforts produced a Jenius Study called The Level of Public Members’ Knowledge About Confidential Personal Data. The study was conducted in September 2021 and involved 637 respondents aged 21 to 30 years old.


The study found that only one out of 10 digital-savvy people understood and were aware of social engineering. The same survey also found that seven out of 10 digital-savvy people were unaware that the name and expiration date listed on debit cards were part of confidential information and were as important as other information, such as PIN, CVV number, and 16 digits on debit cards.


Another finding was that five out of 10 digital-savvy people had been contacted by fraudsters, and one out of those five digital-savvy people were tricked into providing personal data via WhatsApp calls, links, websites, and fake social media accounts.


“Based on the findings from the Jenius Study, we launched the ‘Jenius Aman’ (Jenius is Safe) program to educate people about security awareness, as well as security features on Jenius. One subject in the program is the #DatamuRahasiamu education campaign, a collaboration between Jenius from Bank BTPN and several other digital industry players, both banks and non-banks. In  order to optimize public understanding of security, Jenius has also reintroduced, which contains latest digital security information," said Irwan.


User safety and comfort is a top priority, therefore Jenius is committed to continuing to innovate and educate digital-savvy people on a regular basis through and other Jenius’ official channels. Jenius from Bank BTPN is registered and supervised by OJK and guaranteed by LPS. Further information about Jenius can be found at If you have any questions about Jenius, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service 24-hour on Twitter: @jeniushelp, Call Center: 1500 365, and email: [email protected]

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