25 November 2021

Jenius Holds Co.Creation Week 2021, Invites the Digital Savvy Community for Recreation

Jakarta, November 25, 2021 – Jenius from Bank BTPN, an application developed through co-creation and collaboration processes, has continued to grow with digital-savvy communities through to the fifth year. The spirit of co-creation and collaboration is also manifested in annual event Jenius Co.Creation Week organized by Jenius that will take place from December 6-10, 2021.


Under this year’s theme 'Re.Creation,' Jenius is inviting digital-savvy community members to participate in various events and to enjoy inspirational contents to refresh their mind from daily routine. Jenius presents speakers in discussions that can inspire participants to reshape and reorganize their lives (re-creation) after the pandemic. Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 will feature a series of competitions, workshops, conferences, and talks, focused on three pillars: technology, life, and finance.


Waasi B. Sumintardja, Digital Banking Business Product Head Bank BTPN, explained the co-creation event organized by Jenius this year. "The pandemic has been going on for almost two years, during which our movements have also been limited. We realize people responded to this situation differently. But there is one thing that unites us--boredom. Therefore, we hope that Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 can help digital-savvy community members have recreation to refresh their minds, and give them inspirations to reshape and rearrange post-pandemic life.”


Co-creation and collaboration processes at Jenius are carried out through various channels. Jenius collected more than 1 million opinions as of October 2021 from 35,000 Co.Creators, or members of the Jenius Co.Create community registered on the platform. Jenius also heard inputs and ideas from digital-savvy community members through more than 600 online surveys, focused group discussions and in-depth interviews that involved more than 83,000 members of Indonesian digital-savvy communities. Jenius Co.Create has organized 105 offline events and 110 online events that saw more than 8,000 digital-savvy members in attendance from various cities in Indonesia and from other countries, such as Norway, Singapore, and New Zealand.


There will be three competitions as part of the series of Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 events. They are #JeniusAman: Public Service Announcement Video Competition, Jenius Co.Create Website Revamp Competition, and Jenius App Animated Greetings Competition. These competitions will serve as a place for participants to express their ideas.


In the #JeniusAman: Public Service Announcement Video Competition, participants will make a public service advertisement video about Jenius Aman that shows tells a story about how to secure personal data. Meanwhile, the Jenius Co.Create Website Revamp Competition will require participants to update the appearance of the Jenius Co.Create website,, to make it more attractive and interactive. Then, in the Jenius App Animated Greetings Competition, participants are to create greetings in the form of animations in the new Jenius app interface to make it more interactive. Contenders may submit their works until December 10, 2021, and the winner will get a total prize of hundreds of millions of rupiah.


The Jenius Conference will be held virtually on December 6-7, 2021 and will present a series of inspirational public figures who will share their stories of re-creation in the fields of technology, life, and finance with a recreational atmosphere. In the Life pillar, Jenius raises the sustainability issue as more people are becoming aware of impacts of climate change and wants to contribute to mitigation efforts.


Melati Riyanto Wijsen, Founder of Youthopia and Co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, will share information about the impact of climate change as a trigger for stress (eco-anxiety) in a conference titled Born Activist: Dealing with the Eco-anxious Generation on December 6, 2021. The conference will be guided by Mariska Adeline Sukmajaya, Senior Manager of Innovative Finance at Rare. Melati will reveal how to start small, impactful actions to tackle impacts of climate change.


Also in the Life pillar, Jenius will hold a live talk show at Jenius Talks with one of the speakers, Gita Wirjawan--an entrepreneur, investor, politician, and statesman--in a session titled Proud Indonesian: What is Your Endgame?. Gita Wirjawan will share a story about his life journey and what drove him to launch a podcast called Endgame in the talk show scheduled for December 8, 2021.


In the Finance pillar, Bank BTPN Digital Banking Head Irwan S. Tisnabudi, Bank BTPN Digital Banking Business Product Head Waasi Sumintardja, and Jenius Co.Creator Wahyu Pratomo will discuss co-creation and collaboration processes in Jenius. Radio broadcaster and author Ucita Pohan will be the host of this virtual conference.


In accordance with this year’s theme, Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 also wants to provide a place for people to learn how to reorganize their lives after the pandemic through Jenius Financial Workshop. They will hear some tips from QM Financial trainers. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss financial issues one-on-one, conduct financial check-ups, to find the right financial strategy and improve their financial management skills.


Under the Technology pillar, Jenius will hold a conference titled Recreating The Art Ecosystem: The NFT Story. Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda, COO of Tokocrypto, will share information about Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, which are currently popular in the creative industry. This event will be hosted by Aria Rajasa, Founder of Karyakarsa.


Separately, Fajar Jaman, CEO of IYKRA & Chief Strategy of KORSANTEX, will share information about the importance of protecting personal data in times when digital social engineering fraud cases are rising in a conference titled The Social Engineering Dilemma of Data Privacy. The conference will be moderated by Rahadian Rizki, Lead Data Scientist at Mamikos.


Furthermore, Chrisna Aditya, Chief of Staff & Co-Founder of eFishery will speak in a conference titled Recreating the Way We Work. Chrisna will give insights about the implementation of the Work From Anywhere, or WFA, system, which is being implemented in eFishery, and how it impacts work-and-life balance.


“We’re inviting digital-savvy community members from everywhere to participate in the series of Jenius Co.Creation Week 2021 events. They are free of charge and can be accessed through the  page. Jenius hopes that the inspirational figures and contents that we’re going to present at this event would draw more digital-savvy community members, and the events would serve as a place for people to grow and move forward together,” concluded Waasi.

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