03 February 2022

Jenius Introduces Investment Feature, Promises More Comprehensive Life Finance Solutions

Jakarta, 3rd February 2022 – Jenius from PT Bank BTPN Tbk, a digital banking pioneer in Indonesia, has launched a new feature, namely Investment. Jenius users can now start investing in mutual funds easily and hassle-free, directly from the Jenius application.

Waasi B. Sumintardja, Bank BTPN Digital Banking Business Product Head, said, “As a life finance solution for the digital savvy community, Jenius seeks to assist them in managing their life and finances in a simpler, smarter and safer way. Therefore, having undergone the co-creation process with the digital savvy community, Jenius is set to introduce the Investment feature to address the needs of those who want to start investing simply right from the Jenius application. This feature also complements a series of revolutionary features in the Jenius application that help the digital savvy to transact, manage cash flow, and save easily and simply.”

Based on the Jenius Study: "Adaptation of a Digital Savvy Lifestyle During Pandemic in 2021" which involved 527 digital savvy respondents, aged 26-40 years, which was held in March 2021, it was found that the five most sought-after topics during the pandemic were Covid-19 (33%) ), investment (28%), entertainment streaming (10%), business (8%), and financial planning (7%).

The same study also reveals that the digital savvy community has reallocated funds that had been prepared for plans delayed due to the pandemic to savings (38%), investment (24%), daily necessities (14%), deposits (9%), and health (3%).

Seeing the digital savvy community’s need for convenience to start investing, at the beginning of this year Jenius launched the latest feature, namely Investment. This new feature makes it easier for users to access mutual fund products from a variety of selected investment managers. Jenius also provides investment allocation recommendations based on the user's risk profile that can be taken into consideration before purchasing mutual funds so that their investment is more optimal. Moreover, users can also make transactions more easily because they only need to move funds from their Active Balance without the need to switch applications.

The investment feature in Jenius also provides a composition of investment product categories for users to use as a reference. Jenius has prepared this portfolio composition according to the risk profile of each user, so that investments can grow more optimally. Currently, there are 17 mutual fund investment products from three investment managers, namely Ashmore, Mandiri, and Schroders, as well as four product categories, namely money market, short-term bonds, long-term bonds, and equities.

The latest feature of Investing in Jenius provides users with simplicity, starting from the simple opening of a mutual fund account, ease in choosing products, a simple way of doing transactions, as well as simple portfolio monitoring directly from the Jenius application. Users can simply start investing, and accessing the Investment feature through the Wealth menu in the Jenius application, then take a risk profile quiz to find out which investment products are suitable based on their level of tolerance for investment risk. There are six questions related to investing experience, plans and goals that need to be answered. After filling out this risk profile quiz, Jenius will inform the user's risk profile, namely, conservative, moderate conservative, moderate, moderate aggressive, and aggressive.

PT Bank BTPN Tbk terdaftar dan diawasi Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), serta dijamin oleh Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS).

Furthermore, to open a mutual fund account at Jenius, users only need to fill in questions regarding their recent education and agree to the terms and conditions. The process of opening a mutual fund account is divided into three stages, namely submission, data verification, and application approval. The verification process itself takes a maximum of two trading days. This will be followed by a notification from Jenius that the status of the mutual fund account has been successfully verified.

Then users can also simply choose mutual fund products. Users can create a portfolio by providing a portfolio name according to the financial goals they want to achieve. There are two methods that can be used when searching for mutual fund products at Jenius, namely by investment manager and product category. Furthermore, users can make simple transactions, because the process of buying mutual funds in the Jenius application will be directly debited to the user’s Active Balance, thus eliminating the need for money transfers or e-Wallet top ups. For the sales process, users only need to select the mutual funds they want to sell, then enter the verification stage, and the sale will be successfully processed. Each investment manager at Jenius also offers convenience in terms of minimum purchases. Thanks to the Investment feature, users can invest in mutual funds without large capital, as they can now invest in mutual funds starting from Rp. 10,000.

Users can also simply monitor investment products at Jenius, simply by accessing the Wealth page in the Jenius application to view information related to portfolio performance, such as Total Investment – total investment owned and Total Investment Return – return information in Rupiah along with the percentage value.

“The launch of the Investment feature at is testament to Jenius' commitment to become a more comprehensive life finance solution so that it continues to be relevant to the needs of the digital savvy community in Indonesia. In the future, we hope to continue to grow and introduce new innovations, of course through the process of co-creation and collaboration," Waasi concluded.

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