21 April 2022

Jenius Invites Digital-Savvy Communities to Take Small Steps for Better Financial Habits through #langkahkecilhariini Program

Jakarta, April 21, 2022 – Jenius from PT Bank BTPN Tbk, launched the #langkahkecilhariini program to invite digital-savvy communities in Indonesia to make small steps and celebrate their small wins in creating a better living and financial habit.


In this program, Jenius also collaborates with two of Jenius’s friends, Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia, who will share their inspiration on how they started to take and to appreciate every small step and to celebrate every small win that they have achieved.


Waasi B. Sumintardja, Digital Banking Business Product Head Bank BTPN, explained the background and objectives of the #langkahkecilhariini program.


“For the past two years, we have lived in conditions full of ups and downs. We realize that being able to think positively and move forward becomes a necessary life skill. From various stories that Jenius's friends shared, we also find that they are starting to rebuild their lives in a better direction,” said Waasi.


“Therefore, Jenius launched the #langkahkecilhariini program as an invitation for digital-savvy communities to start planning, making habits, and appreciating their small win today, tomorrow, and every day," he added.


Jenius found through an online survey that 54% of respondents tried to find their own solutions when experiencing a challenge in going through the day, and 51% of them also often celebrate small achievements on their own efforts and small win they have successfully achieved.


Jenius carried out the survey, which involved 928 respondents, through Jenius’s official Instagram account @jeniusconnect on April 7, 2022.


On April 18, 2022, Jenius held another online survey through Jenius's official Instagram account, asking public members about their financial goals. There were 256 respondents partaking in the survey.


As many as 89% of respondents said they want to achieve their financial goals this year. Financial goals that respondents mentioned also range from collect an emergency fund, to buy property, to save for marriage, to save for vacations, to buy concert tickets for their favorite musicians.


The April 18 survey also revealed that respondents took their small steps by starting to save (52%), invest (29%), and create budget allocations (17%), to reach their goals.


These small steps, if done continuously, could lead to good changes in various aspects of life, or in this case, their financial goals. Respondents also said that they often face challenges on their journey to their financial goals. Among those challenges are unexpected expenses or emergency needs (35%), promos and online shopping (32%), FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) going out with friends (15%), inconsistency and indiscipline (9%), and the desire to go on a vacation (5%).


“Jenius believes that in order to achieve a healthy financial condition, you can start with small positive steps. Therefore, Jenius aims to accompany every small win in the daily life of digital-savvy communities through innovative features that can help users keep going, create better habits, and achieve their life goals. Small step to achieve good financial habits, like managing cash flows, saving, and investing," said Waasi.


Digital-savvy communities can also start their small step with Jenius to learn new things, build connections, and have the spirit of co-creation with Jenius Co.Create, so that they can gain new pieces of knowledge and build good habits in life. Through the collaboration with two of Jenius’s friends, Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia, Jenius will share inspirational stories from various users in achieving their dreams in life and finances, and will also take some steps with Jenius.


“Taking small steps to create better habits in life is an act of courage. So that when we succeed in achieving and appreciating these small wins, we will be encouraged to continue to take the next step until it becomes a bigger step and get closer to our goals,” said Adjie Santosoputro, a Mindfulness Practitioner.


“One of the things that can be done to start this small step is to realize that every moment in our life is a fresh moment, which is a moment that we can use to become a new, better human being. This will encourage us to use our time or the moment we have as good as possible


In order to live up to the spirit of the #langkahkecilhariini program, Jenius also collaborates with Dompet Dhuafa and Rumah Yatim to encourage digital-savvy communities to make a small step towards goodness in the month of Ramadan. Through the collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa, Jenius will double the donation of food packages for iftar/pre-dawn meal for paupers. For every donation made with a minimum amount of Rp30,000, Jenius will multiply it so that more people can receive the donations from users. This special double donation program is valid by using Jenius Pay on the Dompet Dhuafa website ( Check more information here:


"With the launch of the #langkahkecilhariini program, we hope it can be a driving force for digital-savvy communities to move forward together and celebrate small steps towards a better life and financial achievement," said Waasi.


Information about the #langkahkecilhariini program can be accessed via:

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PT Bank BTPN Tbk
Andrie Darusman – Communications & Daya Head
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