31 May 2022

Jenius Introduces Split Pay, Jenius Pay Installments to Help Customers Manage Cash Flow

Jakarta, May 31, 2022 – Jenius from PT Bank BTPN Tbk introduces their latest innovation, two new features, Split Pay and Jenius Pay installments, to help manage users’ cash flow.


Split Pay allows users to revise debit transactions into installments, while Jenius Pay installments make it easier for users to shop at various e-commerce sites using installments. This is part of Jenius' commitment to continuing to provide digital-savvy communities in Indonesia with more relevant and complete financial services.


According to Waasi B. Sumintardja, Digital Banking Business Product Head of Bank BTPN, there are conditions and situations when digital-savvy communities need to make payment in installments to maintain their cash flow effectively. For example, when they miscalculate their expenses or when an urgent or unexpected need surfaces.


Furthermore, Waasi said that in March 2022, Jenius found in a survey regarding the behavior of digital-savvy communities in making installments that three main reasons for people to use installments in their transactions were because they wanted to maintain good cash flow management (38%), they wanted to reduce payment burden (18%), and they found it easy to do (16%).


The survey involved 116 respondents aged between 21 and 40 years.


Additionally, two necessities that are most often purchased with installments are electronic goods or gadgets (47%) and household furniture (10%). The survey also revealed that 86% of the respondents chose the installment method when making transactions on e-commerce platforms and 14% of them when making transactions at offline stores/merchants.


“Therefore, based on the survey results, Jenius wants to provide a complete and integrated financial service. After the various revolutionary features available in Jenius, from providing convenience in transactions, to providing savings, to offering investment products, we have now become more complete by introducing Split Pay and Jenius Pay Installments that are integrated with Flexi Cash as the choice of payment methods and sources of funds that customers can choose from according to their preferences and circumstances," said Waasi.


Split Pay is Jenius' newest feature that helps users revise their transactions into installments. With Split Pay, users will have peace of mind because transactions can be easily manageable. They also have the freedom to revise their regrettable transactions by converting them into installments.


“Sometimes we make rash decisions and transact without careful calculation. Other times we regret that we mess up our cash flow when we spend the money on certain items and hope to revise the transactions that have been done. This Split Pay feature is a solution to these pain points so that users can revise transactions that have occurred into installments, so their cash flow can be maintained," added Waasi.


There are many types of transactions that users can revise into installments with Split Pay, such as send money to Jenius, to other Bank BTPN accounts, and to other banks’ accounts; withdraw cash with m-Card; transactions with m-Card (offline and online); do transactions with Jenius QR; do transactions with Jenius Pay; top up e-wallet through e-Wallet Center; purchase foreign currency; and pay bills (except for Zakat and others). Users have six months since transactions occur to convert them into installments with a minimum value of Rp500,000.


In the meantime, Jenius Pay Installments help users use installments when shopping online. Currently, Jenius Pay is available on more than 60 online shopping platforms.


Users can make payments more easily and safely using Jenius Pay, by simply using $Cashtag at the merchant when checking out without the need to enter debit or credit card information. Previously, users could choose three sources of funds from Active Balance, e-Card, or x-Card, to perform transactions using Jenius Pay. Now, users can also choose Flexi Cash as a source of funds when transacting on e-commerce using Jenius Pay.


Split Pay and Jenius Pay Installments are integrated with Flexi Cash as a source of funds that can be used. Flexi Cash is a flexible fund that can be processed and withdrawn digitally through the Jenius application. Users can have Flexi Cash limit of up to Rp200 million with various flexibility, such as flexibility to perform multiple-time withdrawals, flexibility to decide on an amount of money during withdrawals, flexibility to choose installment tenor from 1 to 36 months, and convenience of paying installments through a scheduled and automated debit program set on Active Balance.


To further complement the choice of digital-savvy payment methods, Jenius will also prepare the Paylater feature, which allows users to shop now and pay later, a solution to shop and manage daily spending needs more conveniently and with the financial flexibility that Jenius users need.


“Jenius understands that in managing finances, there are choices to be made and the consequences of those choices. Therefore, we make it easier for customers to manage their finances by providing integrated online payment solutions so that users can easily switch between cash and credit payments, break online payments into flexible installments, and track all loan expenses and installments—all in one application, " said Waasi.

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