27 November 2018

Growing MSME with Digital Technology

Bandung, November 27, 2018– News portal and PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) held an iPreneur discussion with a theme of UMKM (MSME) Go Digital at the BTPN branch office in Juanda-Dago, Bandung. The discussion featured economist from the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef) Bhima Yudistira Adhinegara, Brodo Founder Putera Dwi Karunia and BTPN Daya Head Andrie Darusman who revealed the role of digital technology in developing micro-, small- and medium-enterprises (MSME).


In his presentation, Bhima Yudistira Adhinegara said digital technology has changed the global economy landscape. Digital businesses have dominated the multinational companies. “The UMKM (MSME) have to make use of the economic landscape change. Moreover, there have been starts up who help small business and this is an opportunity for MSME to widen their access to the market,” he said.


Bhima added that Indonesia’s economic structur was still dominated by the MSME sector, which number reaches 62.92 millions business units. However, they face challenges to upgrade their businesses. The presence of digital technology and internet are expected to boost the MSME so they can grow faster.


The Communications and Information Ministry as well as the Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Ministry have targeted 8 million MSMEs to go digital by 2019. Bhima said the government would not be able to work alone and therefore the role of private sector including banking sector would be needed to speed up the digitalization process for the MSMEs.


Focused to serve and empower retirees, MSMEs and the mass market, the BTPN has believed that customers do not only need access to financing but also to training and accompaniment so that they can have a better livelihood. Therefore, since 2011, BTPN has developed a sustainable and measurable empowerment program to improve the live capacity of customers through the Daya Program. Daya Program has become a unique value proposition(UVP) which makes BTPN different from other banks.


“Daya is implemented in all BTPN business units and subsidiaries, including the BTPN Syariah, as part of the integrated business model. The Daya training and accompaniment program is not limited to financial issues but also on tips to improve their businesses, expand their marketing network, serve the customers and tips on living a healthy life,” said Andrie Darusman.


In line with its vision to change the livelihood of millions of Indonesians and supported with digital technology, BTPN has consistently conducted innovation and transformation so that the services can be relevant to the customers. The innovation is done through digital-based new products. Whereas the transformation is done through changing the customer service concept from bank-centric to customer-centric. The chance is reflected in the digitalization in existing businesses, including Daya., the Daya Program can be accessed digitally so that the customers training and accompaniment activities can be wider and more effective. “www.daya.idwas born from the customers’ needs to get information access on businesses and health wuickly and easily according to their business scale and needs. Therefore, they don’t need to come to the branch office to join the training but they can access any information, tips and training moduls through www.daya.idfrom anywhere and anytime,” said Andrie.


www.daya.idhas numerous features including Latest Tips and Info which contain articles on business and health;Online Trainingwhich is the training modul in short videos and presentation slides by experts in business and health; Ask the Expertswhich is a facility for Questions and Answers; Business Opportunitywhich consists of information source on businesses and franchises for those who are seeking business opportunity; and Success Storywhich comprises of inspirational stories from businesspeople and health in grabbing their success.


Meanwhile, Founder of Brodo, Putera Dwi Karunia said that MSMEs must make use of digital platforms to expand their businesses. Using the digital platform should not be limited to sales but also to market and spread information of their products, customer service and seeking knowledge and business opportunity.


“If MSME go digital, there will be a lot of complexity that can be simplified including distribution, stock management and human resources. In the end, MSME can be focused on how to innovate so they can grow their business faster,” Putera added.

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Bank BTPN in brief

PT Bank BTPN Tbk (Bank BTPN) is a foreign exchange bank and is a merger between PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) and PT Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia (SMBCI) in February 2019. Bank BTPN serves various segments in the banking industry, from retail to corporate customers, including retirees, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) and productive underprivileged communities; the consuming class segment; and the corporate segment. Bank BTPN provides the services through business units, such as BTPN Sinaya—a business unit for wealth management, BTPN Purna Bakti—a business serving retirees, BTPN Micro Business—a business unit serving microbusinesses, BTPN Business Banking—a business serving small- and medium-sized enterprises, Jenius—a digital banking platform serving the consuming class segment, and the corporate business unit, which serves national, multinational, and Japanese companies. Bank BTPN also has a subsidiary, namely PT Bank BTPN Syariah Tbk, which focuses on serving productive underprivileged customers. Bank BTPN also regularly provides training sessions and information for customers through the Daya Program—a sustainable and measurable empowerment program—to improve customers’ capacity so they can grow and have a chance to live better.