27 August 2021

Celebrating Fifth Anniversary, Jenius Continues to Grow with Indonesia's Digital-Savvy Communities

Jakarta, 26 August 2021 – Jenius from Bank BTPN, a pioneer of digital banking in Indonesia, is celebrating the fifth anniversary in August. Born from co-creation and collaboration processes, Jenius continues to grow with digital-savvy communities.


“Thank you for the trust and support that people has given to Jenius. During this five-year journey, we are humbled that more than 3.3 million digital-savvy people have become Jenius users and 170,000 of them have opened Jenius business accounts to grow their business. The trust and support we’ve received encourage us to continue to co-create, collaborate, and grow together in providing life finance solutions that can help digital-savvy communities to manage their lives and finances better. Stories, feedbacks, and ideas from Jenius users will continue to inspire us and keep our spirit high to continue innovating at Jenius," said Irwan Tisnabudi, Digital Banking Head, Bank BTPN.


Currently, more than 30,000 Jenius users have joined as co-creators who share their feedbacks and ideas for the development of Jenius as a life finance solution in Indonesia. Jenius has also carried out a co-creation process through more than 650 surveys, Forum Group Discussions (FGDs), and in-depth interviews that involve more than 77,000 participants.


Jenius appreciates positive feedbacks from the digital-savvy communities by introducing new innovations and programs ranging from new displays and navigation in the application, BirthYay promo, to the new concept of Jenius Live, which will bring Jenius closer to them.


Under our #LakukandenganCaramu campaign that we’ve continued to carry out up to our fifth anniversary moment, we would like to appreciate the way everyone lives and achieves their dreams with Jenius. Jenius embodies this spirit by presenting a new look on Jenius application, which was developed based on users’ feedbacks. Jenius’ new UI/UIX look is aimed at helping users easier manage their lives and finances with Jenius. Now, digital-savvy users can more easily surf Jenius through the new Home screen, bottom-down navigation, and quick access from the Mobius button.


Additionally, Jenius presents a BirthYay promo program called ‘Berani Lebih Hemat’, with exciting offers at a number of merchant partners. Jenius users may simply use Jenius features, such as Jenius Visa Debit Card or Jenius Pay, to get various promotions that suit their needs, ranging from discounts on e-Commerce to cashback on investment transactions.


In its fifth anniversary, Jenius also comes closer to digital-savvy communities through the new concept of Jenius Live in collaboration with Liberica. Under this collaboration, digital-savvy communities can visit Jenius Live at several Liberica outlets across Jakarta to fulfill their banking needs, such as account opening activation and other assistance they need on Jenius. New and existing Jenius users can also enjoy promotions offered from the Jenius-Liberica collaboration.


“The journey and achievements over the past five years have inspired Jenius to become a more complete and integrated life finance solution in the digital ecosystem, so we can continue to be relevant to the needs of digital-savvy communities in Indonesia. In the future, we hope to continue to grow and present new innovations through co-creation and collaboration," said Irwan.


Safety and comfort in using Jenius are our top priorities. For that, Jenius continues to innovate and regularly educate digital-savvy communities through and other official Jenius channels. Jenius from Bank BTPN is registered and supervised by Financial Services Authority (OJK) and guaranteed by Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS). Further information about Jenius can be seen on If you have any questions regarding Jenius, please don't hesitate to contact our 24-hour Customer Service on Twitter: @jeniushelp, Call Center: 1500 365, and email: [email protected]

For further information please contact:


PT Bank BTPN Tbk
Andrie Darusman – Communications & Daya Head
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Bank BTPN in brief

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