One Application to Manage Your Business Finance

Get the best experience from your business account with features that give you complete control over your business finances.

You do not need to spend time for administrative activities, and you will have more opportunities to focus on what's important.



Registration and Activation in Minutes




  • Activate TOUCHBIZ easily and quickly

  • No need to go to branch; you can register and activate online.

Easy Access Information to All Your Current Accounts


  • 3 types of Current accounts as a right solution for your business: Giro Mitra, Giro Karya, and Giro Bisnis

  • Stay organized with multiple checking accounts using dashboard information

Personalize Business Accounts Easily



  • Change PIN and password easily.

  • Notification and information settings as needed.

  • Access other information, such as guide, FAQ & Terms and Conditions.


Send And Receive Money Easily, Without Hassle


Loan Information

Easy Access to Your Detailed Information and Loan Information Facility


Significant Impact

Our empowerment program is an integrated element to our business model. We will always try to create opportunities for all BTPN customers to grow and make a more meaningful life through our products and activities.


BTPN Mataram Customer

“Since the 1990s, I have been developing, accommodating and selling the handiwork of weavers. Unfortunately, the business was not going anywhere. After my retirement, I was determined to develop this business further. Now, together with the BTPN Purna Bakti, my business has grown and I have my own gallery.”

Cecep Solihin

BTPN Bogor Customer

“My business has grown significantly after three years of becoming a BTPN customer. Especially with the trainings I received from BTPN, now I understand about bookkeeping and business management. There, I also learnt about online business.”

Rudy Chandra

BTPN Pecenongan Customer

"Small to medium retail printing is a capital heavy business, but what we sell is largely service-unlike the large scale printing companies. Not many banks are willing to look past the surface and understand the type of business that I have built and run since 8 years ago. With the Bank’s support and assistance over the past 2 years, my business continues to grow together with BTPN Mitra Bisnis."