Bank BTPN believes that the comfort of employees will greatly affect the performance. Bank BTPN always strives to create a productive work environment by respecting the rights of every employee.


Human & Worker Rights

Diversity & Inclusion

Bank BTPN builds an inclusive workplace that accommodates and respects diversity, such as ethnic, gender, religion, education and other backgrounds. It is expected that every employee can work to the fullest, share their perspective strength and ability to progress together. We believe this diversity brings its own strengths and provides an environment in which innovation and creativity can flourish.

This starts with the recruitment process where Bank BTPN uses a recruitment method to attract talent from various backgrounds and also communicates the process and promotion criteria clearly and openly to employees at all levels.

Balanced Life






Sahabat Daya.                                                                      BTPN Club Basket

Bank BTPN supports a balance between personal, family and work life, so that every employee remains enthusiastic and can develop a happy life. Bank BTPN carries out various initiatives to encourage the mental health of its employees by opens up opportunities to socialize outside of work contexts through volunteering program called Sahabat Daya dan establishment of various clubs according to employee’ interest called BTPN Club.

Employee Capacity Development

Bank BTPN believes that employees as the most important asset in the Bank's operations have the right to grow, Bank BTPN has a strategic training system for each level of employees with the aim of recording, analyzing employee competencies and performance, so that the Bank can carry out appropriate training and career development for every employee. In 2022, average training hours for each employee are 39 hours

Bank BTPN also has various trainings for active employees who are about to retire, such as entrepreneurship, financial management, as well as mental and emotional related training to support them in a new stage in their life.