Tabungan Sinaya Valas

Savings in 7 foreign currencies, USD, JPY, SGD, AUD, HKD, GBP, EUR which have competitive exchange rates and can be connected to a debit card for convenience and ease of transaction in Visa Plus / Visa overseas network.


Product overview 

  • Provides competitive exchange rates
  • Accounts can be accessed through branch offices
  • Can be connected to a BTPN Bank ATM/Debit card for ease of transaction in Visa Plus / Visa overseas network.
  • Available account transaction information services through electronic statements (e-statements)*

*To obtain e-statement services, customers are required to apply for registration to Bank BTPN.


Customer terms & conditions



  • Available for individual customers
  • Complete the account opening form and submit required supporting documents
  • Required documents:

Individual – Indonesian Citizens

  • Original ID card
  • NPWP (tax identification number) Card

Individual – Foreign Citizens

  • Passport
  • Temporary Stay Permit (KIMS/KITAS) or Reference Letter

Customers who need to get information, share advise or complaints regarding BTPN products and/or services, can directly contact our Consumer Complaints Management Unit in the nearest BTPN branch office or BTPN Call on 1500300. 

Other Savings Account

Significant Impact

Our empowerment program is an integrated element to our business model. We will always try to create opportunities for all BTPN customers to grow and make a more meaningful life through our products and activities.

Wignyo Rahadi

BTPN Sinaya Customer

“I started my tenun (traditional woven cloth) business in 1997. After three years, I began offering training and work opportunities for local communities in Sukabumi, West Java, in Bengkel Tenun workshop. My empowerment project has helped locals who have received trainings to improve their life. Many of them have even started out their own business and also train others to grow and develop together.”  

Cecep Solihin

BTPN Sinaya Customer

“My business has grown significantly after three years of becoming a BTPN customer. Especially with the trainings I received from BTPN, now I understand about bookkeeping and business management. There, I also learnt about online business.”

Joice Handoko

BTPN Sinaya Customer

“As a BTPN customer, I feel compelled to share with and empower others. In every occasion, I always encourage other customers who run businesses to introduce online marketing. I’m so glad to contribute by providing training for micro and small business owners on how to use the internet to sell their products online.”